RangeMe Offers Consumer Packaged Goods Companies A Faster Path To Market

SAN FRANCISCO — RangeMe, the central hub for consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers, buyers and service providers, has launched an innovative opportunity for consumer packaged goods CPG suppliers to get their products ready for retail faster and more efficiently. RangeMe Services will help suppliers ensure their products are shelf-ready and optimized for buyer discovery.

“On the RangeMe platform, I can go right to the ‘discover providers’ link that takes you to companies that specialize in product insurance,” says Amy Tucker, founder of Salty Britches. “RangeMe Services saved me countless hours of searching, talking to people, getting references. It was the easiest thing I’ve done in bringing a product to market.”

Nicky Jackson, founder and CEO of RangeMe

RangeMe Services lets suppliers discover, evaluate, and connect with service providers, which will enable them to be retail-ready. Suppliers now have a direct path to the services they need, including insurance, design, packaging, photography, or labeling. Each of these service categories are critical components of becoming RangeMe Verified, which ensures suppliers and their products have met the standards and criteria that make them ready to do business. While early-stage brands leverage RangeMe Services to make their first retail connection, established brands benefit by remaining agile with the myriad of service options. And for buyers, that means a wider assortment of shelf-ready products and brands will be at their fingertips, translating into getting newer, on-trend CPG items into consumers’ hands faster than ever before.

“In the CPG industry today, speed is king,” says Nicky Jackson, Founder and CEO of RangeMe. “If a product isn’t ready to hit the shelf when a retailer needs it, buyers aren’t going to consider that product as a serious contender to add to their product mix.”

RangeMe Services marks the first time that service providers in these five key CPG service sectors will be accessible to such an expansive, active database of potential customers.

“Because of RangeMe, suppliers understand the prerequisites, and it cuts down on the back and forth so we can address their insurance needs and satisfy their requirements very quickly,” says Larry Allred of Veracity Insurance Solutions. “You have suppliers at the crossroads of wanting to get into retail, and offering a resource center to these suppliers with a checklist of what they need. And that is just phenomenal. When I get a phone call from a supplier looking to get into Whole Foods or CVS, they all have a common interest to get insurance based on the requirements of retailers.”

All of the action takes place on RangeMe—suppliers can read up on providers, watch videos, review other suppliers’ endorsements, request quotes, and more, all in one spot.

“Offering suppliers the opportunity to get retail ready in a single, seamless environment is good for them, good for retailers, and good for the CPG industry as a whole,” says Jackson. “We’re widening the playing field of new products at a time when consumer demand is at an all-time high, and retailers can’t source innovative new products fast enough. RangeMe Services adds that needed jolt of speed to the sourcing process, and the results are being displayed front and center on store shelves across the nation.”

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