Product Review: Keisha Jeremie Puts A Delicious, High-End Spin On Applesauce With, sanaia

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Natasha Zena

sanaia product review - lioness magazine

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I am a fan of apple sauce. My favorite way to eat it is ice-cold and a bit slushy. sanaia Apple Sauce is fantastic. Our Lioness crew was totally spoiled this week when our box of sanaia arrived in the mail.

It came in the cutest 106 milliliter jars. We received an assorted six pack ($19.99 value). It was delicious! Thank you to founder Keisha Jeremie for the splendid spin on an old favorite. (I killed three mini jars in a row – shhh.)

The Bahamian came up with the idea for the artisanal applesauce during her time at the University of Virginia. A newbie to making applesauce, she made her first batch — with the skin still on. “This is how the uniquely tart taste and full-bodied texture of sanaia’s original recipe came to be,” Jeremie explained.

Product Review: Keisha Jeremie Puts A Delicious, High-End Spin On Applesauce With, sanaia - Lioness Magazine

sanaia Founder Keisha Jeremie

Last night, I selected three jars of applesauce — Guava, Lavender Pear and Hibiscus — to put in the freezer while I cooked dinner. I was practically drooling in anticipation over the Guava applesauce. (I yelled dibs on it as soon as we opened the box at the office!). I let them stay in the freezer for an hour and then ate it right out of the jars. They were phenomenal. I am a fan of Granny Smith apples anyway and the brilliance of having some of its skin in the applesauce gave it a tinge of tartness that was divine.

I loved that the flavor of each applesauce really came through. It wasn’t a hint. You got the full body of the Guava or the Lavender Pear. I will definitely order these in the future. sanaia is lovely from top to bottom — the packaging, the labels, the taste, everything. It would make a great housewarming gift. This hands down was one of my favorite reviews at Lioness and it’s only the first month of 2018. You other entrepreneurs better bring it this year. sanaia has set the bar.

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