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Pivot Disrupt Transform: How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive

Why do some leaders and organizations fail while others wildly succeed? Some leaders follow management fads, “best practices,” buzzwords and trends – leading to struggles, decline and failure. Others focus on a compelling purpose and methods to achieve it, creating systems, processes and a culture committed to serving the customer. In Pivot Disrupt Transform, Marcia Daszko addresses leadership transformation, inspiring readers through the maze from old beliefs and habits to high quality, continual improvement, creativity and innovation. This book is a life changer for organizations everywhere.

leadership transformation

Topics include:

  1. What leaders need to stop doing – fads that lead them to decline
  2. How leaders need to start thinking differently – a new philosophy and new knowledge
  3. How leaders need to apply new principles of management – stories, questions and tools – for action and new outcomes

Why should people read it? Who is the book for?

Leaders – natural leaders, positional leaders in any sector, in any industry, in organizations of all sizes. It’s written for people committed to learning and with the courage to apply new principles. Leaders transform and achieve results never before imagined.

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Meet the author

Marcia Daszko is one of the world’s leading business strategists and catalysts for leadership and organizational transformation. Working with boards and executive teams across all sectors and industries, Daszko asks provocative questions that confront the current status quo thinking and inspire leaders to create exponential, healthy growth. Mentored by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, she is committed to success and delivers her messages as a management consultant, speaker, professor and bestselling author.

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