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Pitch Investors Live App Connects Entrepreneurs And Investors In Front Of An Audience Using Live Video

App connects entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a reality with angel investors who are looking to find great new companies in which to invest.

Fort Lauderdale — 2UP Technology, Inc., a mobile application developer of peer-to-peer video apps, recently announced the launch of “Pitch Investors Live,” a new app that connects entrepreneurs with investors using live video. The app connects entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a reality with angel investors who are looking to find great new companies in which to invest. The app is available for free on all iOS devices.

Pitch Investors Live is an innovative video app that helps entrepreneurs and startups find suitable funding from real investors. With this app, investors now have the convenience of using a simple and intuitive platform to quickly and easily screen entrepreneurial teams, and to watch as they are screened by other investors and experts. Additionally, entrepreneurs have the benefit of watching, learning and pitching their own endeavors.

“At Pitch Investors Live, we understand the hard work it takes to make an idea a reality,” said Matt Lally, CEO of 2UP Technology, Inc. “We created the app to truly help foster and support high-growth entrepreneurship not just across the U.S., but in other communities as well. Also, the app provides a critical opportunity for users to find like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as to network with investors.”

The intent of Pitch Investors Live is to create a lower barrier for entrepreneurs to get their elevator pitches in front of the right investors, regardless of geographic concerns. It also brings exposure to top, upcoming entrepreneurs and companies so that new angel investors have the opportunity to invest early. For angel investors, the app makes it easy to get to know the entrepreneurial team without a significant time commitment for (at least) the initial conversation.

The app’s two main objectives are: (1) lowering the barriers for both parties involved in angel investing, and (2) educating both parties so that they can make smart decisions.  Lally added, “We’re actively looking to partner with Angel Groups who wish to take part.”

Key Product Features:

  • Live real-time video pitches involving investors and entrepreneurs.
  • A live viewing audience can participate during the discussion
  • Recieve feedback and help from other entrepreneurs
  • Directly message investors and other entrepreneurs
  • Option to have private discussions via live video or direct messages
  • Question and answer sessions with coaches, mentors and investors

The app’s first investor is Brandon Young, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University’s esteemed Wayne Huizinga School of Business. Mr. Young is also the former president and founder of the Micro Venture Capital Club, a 1200 member organization which connects investors and entrepreneurs.

“When Matt Lally first pitched me to join Pitch Investors Live, no pun intended, I jumped at the opportunity to be the first shark in the tank,” said Young. “The part that’s most exciting is the ability to find new deal flow while contributing to the education and success of entrepreneurs anywhere. This type of app allows users to watch, learn, and be entertained and therefore provides an excellent opportunity for anyone to participate in the startup investment community. It’s got the appeal of Shark Tank, but on your phone and instantaneous. I love that.”

For more information regarding Pitch Investors Live, visit http://pitch.ventures/ or check them out at the Apple App Store.

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