Onna Series A PR Photo scaled
Onna Series A PR Photo scaled

Onna Is Helping Companies Organize And Utilize Data Across Apps In One Place

NEW YORK — Onna has been making a lot of noise this month. The New York/Barcelona-based startup just closed an $11 million series A equity round to grow its central information access product. Their motto, “connect everything so you can find anything,” has been registering with companies who want to better organize and utilize their data from multiple applications. Onna is a data integration platform that connects to popular tools such as Slack, JIRA, and Confluence, to help with eDiscovery, legal holds and risk management. The company touts Facebook, Dropbox and Fitbit amongst its users.

Onna is a central access point for your favorite enterprise apps so you can find information in one place regardless of where it is originally stored. It lets organizations collect, preserve, search and centralize their data silos in one single repository. Data is collected and can be exported in standard eDiscovery format for assessment in document review platforms. Data is automatically processed, OCRd and indexed for real-time discovery and search.

Lev Finkelstein, vice president of Corporate Finance and Strategy at Dropbox, said, “Information and tools people use at work are increasingly fragmented and it’s often difficult to search, locate and secure documents spread across the many tools we use. Like Dropbox, Onna is on a mission to help fix that. We’ve gotten to know Onna over time, as both a partner and a customer, and have been impressed with their thought leadership, technology, and use of AI to improve information search across multiple platforms. We’re excited to be one of their Series A investors and look forward to seeing Onna grow.”

There are six key ways Onna helps companies make better use of their data:

  1. Information Governance — Level up your information governance strategy with better visibility across your data silos. Know with confidence what data is found across sources like Slack, Zendesk, JIRA and more. Search with more speed and accuracy with an eDiscovery grade processing engine.
  2. Enterprise Search — Leverage real-time and robust search across your enterprise data with an easy and intuitive central platform. Onna processes data through an extensive processing pipeline, image entity recognition, and metadata extraction, across your enterprise data.
  3. Knowledge Management — Centralize search, sharing, and collaboration across data silos like Slack, Quip, Confluence, and more. Build richer search experiences powered with machine learning technologies so you can find what you need quicker.
  4. eDiscovery — Defensibly collect from the most popular applications, like Slack, Quip, and more, without the heavy lifting. Leverage the 1st self-service collection platform to start your collections immediately and easily preserve data.
  5. GDPR — Leave no stone unturned with your privacy policies and regulations. Onna helps organizations centralize disparate silos to easily respond to subject access requests. Protect data with classification and notifications for monitoring your internal compliance policies.
  6. Preservation —By integrating with the APIs for each supported integration, like Slack and Confluence, Onna makes data available for preservation. Even when users delete or modify files in source, Onna maintains an original, defensible copy.

For more information on Onna and how it works, visit onna.com.

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