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KarenHerbert Maccaro feature
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News Briefs: Babson’s New Executive Education CEO, New Pregnancy Test Gives Results Within Days Of Conception


CEO of Babson Executive Education 

Accomplished practitioner, educator, and thought-leader Karen Hebert-Maccaro has been named the CEO of Babson Executive Education.

Most recently, she held leadership roles in learning product and content development, talent management and learning development in the media, healthcare, technology, and biotech industries. She earned her PhD from Boston College, her EdM from Boston University, and her BA from the University of Massachusetts.

“Whether it’s been individually teaching or coaching a small group or in a one-on-one setting, or whether it’s been in roles where I think about an entire organization, I’ve been committed to this notion of helping individuals and organizations grow over my entire career,” she said. “I can’t think of a better place to continue with that work than within the context of Babson Executive Education.”


With an eye toward a more equitable recruiting landscape for all, AI-powered job matching platform Job.com has hired Laurie Boschini as its new Head of Research & Development to actively work to remove unconscious gender bias in the company’s job matching engine. 

“I’ve worked over fifteen years in this industry as a woman, I’m well aware of the ways in which our progress is made more difficult by both overt and unconscious discrimination. Whether it be assumptions about our abilities or having to work twice as hard our male colleagues to get the same recognition, the clear differences along gender lines are still an underspoken problem in tech,” says Boschini. “I’m happy to be in a leadership position that will work to dismantle gender bias in tech and open the door for so many other women behind me.”


Pregnancy Test Results Within Days

This U.S.-patented invention, which allows women to confirm pregnancy at home, within days of conception, yielding a fundamental breakthrough in human pregnancy testing, is available for sale and/or license, exclusively through TAEUS Corporation. This simple test accurately confirms human pregnancy by a pinprick blood test, similar to a diabetes test, within days of conception. With this invention, women can eliminate the wait for missed periods, doctor visits or urine tests that only provide results many weeks after conception. 

Let’s Start Up Program

The Lise Watier Foundation’s Let’s Start Up Program aims to help women in need gain financial autonomy through an action plan centred on entrepreneurship, education and workforce reintegration. The program provides hybrid-style training by combining online and classroom training and individual support.

“We work every day to help women gain financial autonomy. It changes not only their own lives, but also their children’s, benefitting society as a whole,” says Marie-Lise Andrade, general manager of the Lise Watier Foundation.

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