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New Social Network For Entrepreneurs Pledges To Donate Money To Benefit Nepal Earthquake Victims

Startifi is a new social network aimed at the vibrant and thriving startup scene. It brings together Startups, Entrepreneurs and Investors.

startifiA new social network aimed at the vibrant and thriving startup scene is set to launch later this summer. Startifi shall engage and inform budding Startups, Entrepreneurs and Investors through this platform of like minded individuals and companies. It is ideally positioned for the recent boom in entrepreneurship. Cass Business student and Startifi Co-Founder, Rishi Sareen wishes to spark interest for new registrations for the platform by donating 5,000 pounds (7833.50 in U.S. Dollars) once 5,000 registrations, 5,000 Facebook likes and 5,000 Twitter followers is reached.

The platform that is currently taking new registrations will be holding an exclusive networking event over the summer with 500+ attendees. The 5,000 pounds will then be presented to DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) the leading charity for this appeal and at the same time will get Startifiers acquainted with each other.

Startifi has a vision that the future role of Social Networks is to build communities that value the same type of content, are more cohesive, and offer targeted information. Startifi introduces a new breed of Social Network that fills this evolving space, with content that is right on target. Whether it’s an individual, group, or company this will be the place where all things startup can immerse themselves into a new type of User Experience that is both enriching, powerful and productive.

Although, Startifi’s initial focus is in the UK we have already received pre-registrations from over 20 countries, indicating positive global reach and interest, together with being Shortlisted for Pitch to Rich 2015, it looks like Startifi is the one to watch!

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