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New Company Renegade Global Aims to Propel Female Leaders, Executives and Founders

Human innovation company and solution to the Great Resignation sparks 88 percent increase in joy at work.

Amy Jo Martin recently announced the launch of a new company, Renegade Global, designed to propel corporate teams and independent female leaders, executives and founders to success in a rapidly shifting workplace and economy.  

Renegade, a human innovation company, brings holistic training inside corporations that want to attract, retain and grow their best talent. It is calling on major companies to address the Great Resignation by investing in their people as humans, not professionals. Renegade helps employees show up as their whole selves at work, gain confidence as leaders and public speakers, unlock personal and professional innovation, grow their personal brand, spark innovation, go from ideas to action and ultimately find more joy and fulfillment at work.

Producing results for female leaders and founders

Renegade’s first corporate client, a Fortune 100 Company, has experienced tangible results. Ninety-four percent of the client’s employees who completed the program changed the way they show up at work and in life; 100 percent reported an improvement in their effectiveness as a leader; 88 percent increased their joy and fulfillment; 88 percent increased their vulnerability; and 63 percent were able to bounce back quicker and stronger after a setback. See more results here. Renegade is now scaling its proprietary curriculum throughout the corporate world.

In addition to its corporate solution, Renegade offers an accelerator for high-achieving women around the world. Founder and CEO Amy Jo Martin created the Renegade Accelerator for female leaders in 2018. To date, 200 women from 10 countries have graduated from the program. These women have gone on to substantially increase their impact and income. The year-long program begins with an eight-week intensive course for corporate executives and entrepreneurs looking to 10x the way they think and execute for maximum, measurable results. After completing the program, they join the Renegade Collective, a powerful hub of graduates who are committed to providing tangible contributions, including financial investments, to each other’s businesses, careers and lives.

An impressive leadership team

Martin unveils Renegade Global’s leadership team today. Regan Walsh heads up programming as Chief Renegade Officer. Walsh is an author and experienced executive coach with a portfolio that ranges from Wall Street to Nike. Longtime business journalist Stephanie Paterik leaves her role as Editor in Chief, SVP of Adweek to become Chief Marketing Officer. Jami Crist, who ran brand partnerships at Super Coffee and Under Armour, joins as VP of Partnerships.

“The humans behind the logo are the heartbeat of a brand. Renegade is focused on human innovation—centering around the person, not just the professional. This is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for companies to retain talent, it’s a demand, which we are seeing from the Great Rebellion,” Martin said.

“The Great Resignation is a revolution, and actually an incredible opportunity for corporate decision makers to redesign the way their teams work for the benefit of all,” Paterik said.

Celebrating all kinds of renegades

Renegade provides additional resources including its top-ranked podcast, Why Not Now?, with nearly 300 episodes and millions of downloads over the past six years. Guests range from billionaires like Mark Cuban to Renegade c-level execs, US presidential candidates, rockstars, rocket scientists, celebrity entrepreneurs and every type of Renegade in between. Each episode you’ll hear from a Renegade and learn how they answered the Why Not Now? question and took their idea from dreaming to doing, so others can too. A blog and newsletter are offered as resources as well.

Martin is a pioneer in humanizing brands and one of the first marketers to master social media. After her boss deemed her a “renegade” at the Phoenix Suns, she quit her corporate job, started one of the first social media companies in the world and wrote The New York Times bestseller “Renegades Write the Rules“. She guided iconic clients like Hilton Worldwide, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Nike, Shaquille O’Neal and countless others to build successful, humanized brands.

“Humans connect with humans. Not logos. It’s time to focus on the people,” Martin said.

Today’s launch of Renegade marks a moment in time for positive disruption in the workplace. To learn more, visit Renegade.Global.

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