GD Yellow Cake Recipe scaled
GD Yellow Cake Recipe scaled

National Nutrition Month — Good Dee’s Mom Entrepreneur Gives Baked Goods A Low Carb Makeover

Those living an alternative food lifestyle finally have a sugar-free way to indulge in their favorite sweet treats.

From keto and low-carb to gluten-free and dairy-free, Good Dee’s mixes offers consumers living an alternative dietary lifestyle a bold new approach to baked goods that doesn’t involve deprivation.

Deana Karim is the mom behind the chef’s hat at Good Dee’s, whose switch to the keto lifestyle helped her reach a healthy weight but left her craving the sweet treats she used to love to bake and eat.

“Sticking to a new health plan is so much easier and rewarding when you aren’t depriving yourself of your favorite things,” explains Karim. “My mother is diabetic and an amazing baker, which encouraged me to look into unique workarounds that would still result in a texture, look, smell, and taste so similar to its carb-packed counterpoint it would allure the average carb eater.”

Karim launched the brand with only $5,000 from her personal savings, and then used the income from her day job to slowly invest and grow the company from the ground up.

Within one month of the launch of her Brownie Mix, it hit number one in sales of all the brownie mixes on Amazon.

Today, Good Dee’s offers mixes for brownies, cookies, cakes, pancakes, muffins, and cornbread that are diabetic friendly, low-carb, gluten-free, wheat-free, and easy to bake. Dairy-free and nut-free options available.

“I learned early on that running my own company was like running a marathon. If I kept checking who is behind me or next to me, I wasn’t going to go far. But if I focused on the finish line and looked ahead, that is when I really grew,” Karim says.

In February 2019, Karim released two new cake mixes featuring unique, innovative ingredients. By incorporating soluble corn fiber and a new watermelon seed flour into her upcoming Coconut Snack Cake and Carrot Cake Muffins, she’s able to keep the mix nut-free while achieving a perfect texture and flavor.

Good Dee’s is available for purchase at, Amazon, and select retailers throughout Canada and the United States.

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