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word up podcast

Mindfulness And Journalism Leaders Talk Censorship on ‘Word Up’

In Episode 3 of Upward’s new podcast, Word UP, the hotly contested topic of “CENSORSHIP” is explored through the lenses of two leaders in mindfulness and journalism, Henry Edinger, cofounder and COO at Cloud9 Online, and Natasha Zena, publisher and editor-in-chief at Lioness.

From “radical candor” to 80s rap, these guests shed all censors in this latest episode!

About the podcast

Word UP breaks the mold of traditional podcast interviews while embracing Upward’s mission to create elevated ecosystems fueled by innovation. For our first-ever podcast series, we’re bringing together two diverse perspectives to broaden our knowledge on a variety of topics, widen our cultural repertoires, and stimulate original ideas based on … o n e  w o r d. You read that right: a single word that inspires our guests and listeners alike to look at the way in which we connect with other professionals in an unpredictable world. Join us for a fun facilitation of collaboration between corporate innovators, startup founders, and Hartford’s most talented professionals across industries every Wednesday & Friday.

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