Dr. Manju Sheth is Synonymous with Women Who Win

Learn how Dr. Manju Sheth juggles being a CEO, volunteering and a rigorous day job all at once. (Watch the video and read the story.)

Dr. Manju Sheth, CEO and Co-Founder of Women Who Win, embodies that name to the fullest. Not only does Sheth run Women Who Win, a women-founded, women-owned empowerment media platform, but she also volunteers for three different organizations. On top of that, working as a doctor at Beth Israel Lahey Hospital is her day job. Fitting all that into one’s schedule is a daunting task, but Sheth believes “If you want to do something, you’ll find a reason. Otherwise, you’ll find an excuse.” It’s that mentality that’s led her through her stunning career – or should we say careers?

Creating Women Who Win

Women Who Win’s media platform covers trending subjects like tech, women’s health, women in business and a host of other women-centric topics. Based in women’s communities, its goal is to empower women through education by providing all forms of content from articles to webinars to community events. Sheth, her daughter Shaleen and a colleague and close friend Dr. Deepa Jhaveri founded Women Who Win as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We started the organization because COVID was so rough on everybody, and everybody was feeling down and dejected. We thought, ‘Let’s bring everybody back together. Let’s do something positive.'”

Women Who Win has been Sheth’s number one priority since its inception. “Your newest baby is what you nurture the most. With my daughter and my best friend, it’s really been a labor of love.” That dedication has helped Women Who Win massively grow since its creation. The platform has reached over 80 countries and features many stories of women from around the world achieving their dreams.

Sheth loves working with her daughter and friend. “You always have a tribe of people, your own tribe that helps you make it happen. You have to follow your heart and see who you gel with and who has the same values as you,” said Sheth.

No accidents

Sheth’s a bit of a media celebrity. Talking about how that came to be, she said, “It seemed accidental at first. But when I look back, I realize that there are no accidents in life.” Sheth was doing a lot of work in her community when a friend nominated her for a prestigious award given to Indian Americans, Woman of the Year. To her surprise, she won the award and was approached to create an interview series on YouTube. Thus, Chai with Manju was born.

Chai with Manju has been running as a celebrity interview series for over ten years. Millions of people watch the show from all over the world. “It’s become a window into the Indian American world and I’m so grateful it’s done well,” said Sheth.

Creating Chai with Manju helped Sheth create Women Who Win. She took the lessons from creating such a successful interview series and applied them to Women Who Win, helping it become immensely successful as well.

And the Woman of the Year award is one of many – most recently there was a Global Impact Award, presented by Dr. George Abraham, president of the American College of Physicians. And then there are awards she helped to create, recognizing others. Sheth is the creator and co-founder of the New England Choice awards. The INE Multimedia group hosts the awards program, recognizing ten New England “shining stars” for their outstanding contributions in academics, art and culture, business and entrepreneurships, community service, healthcare, non-profits and philanthropy and a special award for youth leadership.

Taking advantage of every day

Over the last 18 months, Sheth has been dealing with a shoulder injury and going to physical therapy, but she’s not letting it slow her down. Sheth talks about dealing with the pain, “As long as I can control pain, I don’t think about it. I got a lot of opportunities late in life. I’m in the last third of my life and I have to make each day as productive as I can.” Sheth is certainly productive, launching Women Who Win while keeping up her medical career and serving her community.

Her big piece of advice for entrepreneurs is to give things time. “Everything gets better given time, as long as you keep along the right path.”

Sheth explains that one of her interests is stress management and mind-body medicine. She says, “I feel that if you program your brain, your body will follow. I have been reprogramming this computer a lot in the last 18 months.”

The way Sheth tackles projects and challenges in life is very process-oriented. “If you make each task into a process and divide it into little sections, you help yourself succeed.”

Sheth places a lot of importance on setting goals and laying out what needs to be done to accomplish those. “I’m a goal digger.”

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