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Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry Operations Becomes First LGBT-Certified Aggregate Supplier in CPUC

Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry Operations (LCMQO) is happy to announce that they are certified as an LGBTBE, MBE and WBE by the CPUC. This marks the first aggregate supplier in the state of California to obtain this certification. The certification will let Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry Operations help state agencies meet new LGBTBE goals in California. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) provides official certification for Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual Business Enterprises (LGBTBE), Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Woman Business Enterprises (WBE). In April, they set an aspirational goal of 1.5 percent LGBTBE participation in competitive contracting processes with California-based utilities like AT&T, PG&E and SoCal Edison.

Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry Operations is now eligible to participate in supplier diversity programs. These are for road builders, utility companies and transportation contractors, as well as local government and state agencies. Many of these organizations have specific LGBTBE, MBE and WBE goals to meet. LCMQO now fulfills all three categories.

“I am excited to receive these certifications,” said Gina Zatica, President of LCMQO. “Certification is important because it helps the construction industry see the value that Diverse Businesses bring to the marketplace. LGBT women and minorities have historically struggled to break into this industry. I am honored to be the first aggregate supplier to obtain CPUC’s LGBTBE certification.”

San Bernardino Business Becomes First LGBT-Certified Aggregate Supplier in CPUC

LCMQO has been operating in Hinkley for just under a year providing Caltrans Class II Base, Rip Rap, miscellaneous fill, and other materials for construction projects. The quarry’s rock has been used to build roads, bridges, and levee embankments for flood protection.

About Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry Operations

LCMQO is located in Hinkley, California (right outside of Barstow). The Lynx Cat Quarry has the best rock and aggregate products needed for vital transportation and construction projects. With everything from CALTRANS Class II base, PCC, riprap and even ballast rock, LCMQO offers a variety of rock products that can meet many specifications. To learn more about LCMQO’s products, visit https://www.lcmquarry.com.

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