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How A Love Of Science As A Child Turned Dr. Candice Hughes Into A Biotech Entrepreneur

By Innovation Women Dr. Candice Hughes talks about being a serial biotech entrepreneur and how her love of science started in fourth grade with a ancient fossil.

Dr. Candice Hughes loves science. In fourth grade, her teacher handed her a 550 million-year-old sea shell and she never got over it. Holding that ancient fossil filled her with a sense of awe and a desire to learn more. Soon, she was poring over psychology textbooks and immersing herself in the world of scientific discovery. That thirst for knowledge led Hughes to study biology at Mount Holyoke and earn her PhD in Anatomy and Neurobiology at the Boston University School of Medicine. All the time she was delving deeply into medical science, Hughes was learning about business from her grandfather, who ran the family fuel-delivery business founded in 1893, and hearing stories about her great-grandfather, a property-investor who started a pub in the early 1900s.

Combining her passion for helping people live healthier lives, her business training, and her family spirit of entrepreneurship, Hughes started the first of several businesses, the consulting firm, Hughes BioPharma Advisers, in 2005. Later she founded AdapTac Games, to develop mobile health tools for children with ADHD. ADHD Skills Booster, Hughes’ mobile app, launched on iTunes in 2015. Hughes also won a Milken-Penn Venture Path Award in 2015 for game-changing innovation in education and her firm has been a Connecticut Tech Company to Watch twice.

Her new venture, the Total Health Consortium, is a mission-driven initiative forged to bring together major corporate, academic and policy stakeholders who plan to change healthcare by forming an integrated marketplace with a stream of services and products creating a better solution to our healthcare issues.

Hughes has a passion for discovering innovative ways to improve everyone’s health. As a researcher, Hughes’ work impacted Alzheimer’s disease, vision, and epilepsy. Now, she hopes her Total Health Consortium will continue her work.

The fusion of business, technology, and medicine is the new frontier of healthcare,” said Dr. Hughes. “It’s only through this melding of disciplines that we’ll find the solutions to our healthcare crises.”   

Hughes speaks on topics as diverse as Shifting the Market from Fractured Health to Total Health to How to Make Your Staff More Productive by Innovative Problem Solving. Her company, Hughes BioPharma Advisers, LLC, a strategy and management consulting firm, advises many of the top international pharmaceutical and biotech firms. Her eloquence on both public health and management topics makes Hughes a sought-after speaker.

“I want to shift people’s perceptions about healthcare from a siloed group of disciplines to the integrated concept of the Total Health Consortium,” Hughes said. “Biotech and pharma can become leaders in this new healthcare economy and I look forward to the results.”  

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