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Lioness Networking: Let’s Talk About Growth! Scaling Your Business

Spring is upon us, and this month, we’re all about growth! This month at our monthly Lioness Networking, we discussed strategies for growing and scaling your business, at every stage in the process. At the start of each networking event, we have our Lionesses introduce themselves with a 15-second elevator pitch. (A great way to learn and practice yours!) Women from across industries attended, but this month there was a particular focus on professionals who help other professionals de-stress, gain confidence and become their best selves.

Discussion started with polls regarding attendees’ businesses: the stage they’re at, their growth efforts, their marketing strategies and their sales strategies. The majority of attendees were in the early growth or the scaling phase of their business, with most Lionesses’ growth efforts going into sales and marketing. Predictably, when polled about marketing strategies, most said that they’re focusing on networking, with the other lion’s share saying social media efforts. Sales options were dominated by people focused on referrals, also known as warm calls. Jessica Foster stressed the importance of LinkedIn for her strategy, and how many leads it drove for her. Amanda Mottola suggested branching out into more male-dominated sectors for consulting work, such as the trades.

In breakout rooms, we tackled four topics:

  • What stage is your business in and where do you want to be?
  • What tools/resources do you use to streamline your business?
  • Are there any specific types of partnerships you’re looking for – or that you would recommend to your group?
  • What small, actionable step could you take TODAY to support your business growth?

Finding your footing as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, confidence is key — confidence brings success. Breakout rooms discussed the role of confidence in growing a business, gaining referrals and snagging repeat customers. Many of the women attending were either in the launch and early growth stage of their business, or in a transitional stage. Having sure footing in times of transition comes down to confidence in yourself, and in your vision. Establishing relationships at networking events is key since the majority agreed that warm leads are the backbone of their business.

Confidence in the technology you’re using is also key. In breakout rooms, women shared tools that they’ve found helpful for their businesses, speeding up their processes and streamlining their operations. These tools include, among others: Paperbell, Last CRM, Calendly, Fancy Hands and Constant Contact.

The role of AI in the fields of copywriting and photography also came up. ChatGPT is threatening the jobs of many copywriters and photographers, and the group shared insight on how to combat this: target small businesses that have not yet implemented it.

On the flip side, many recommended using tools like ChatGPT to get writing ideas, or Hoppy Copy, to speed up the copywriting process.

As Jenny Powers put it, “…you don’t have to know you know, the entire path forward. But just keep taking the next step.”

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We have these shindigs at the beginning of the month, every month. Come by next month on May 7th to make some connections, and maybe even new friends!

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Date: May 7, 2024
Time: Noon – 1 p.m. ET

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