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Lendistry and SHOPPE BLACK Partner to Help Black-Owned Businesses Access Capital

Lendistry, the country’s largest African American-led deployer of capital, is now partnering with SHOPPE BLACK, a trusted source of information in the Black business community. Lendistry and SHOPPE BLACK partner to connect Black business owners with the resources they need to thrive. They aim to help Black entrepreneurs with Black business capital. So they find a lending partner who has their best interests at heart and can support their financing needs to help them scale through the growth stage.

Sharing information in a trusted space is one of many ways Lendistry lives its mission of providing economic opportunities to underserved business owners. Lendistry CEO, Everett K. Sands, is a frequent guest in spaces where the Black community finds reliable information. He has appearances on the Karen Walker Show, KBLA Radio 1580, Black Enterprise and other popular outlets. SHOPPE BLACK has interviewed Sands in the past to gain his insights. He shows how Lendistry innovates new lending processes to increase equitability and access to capital.

Black business owners’ access to capital

SHOPPE BLACK profiles Black businesses, interviews successful businesspeople and shares current information related to business, money and culture. They will educate business owners who frequent their platform about Lendistry’s financial products and encourage them to apply. This will involve information and links in SHOPPE BLACK’s online content and its newsletters. In honor of their shared mission to increase finance and business education, the two platforms plan to cohost webinars for Black entrepreneurs as well.

“SHOPPE BLACK has been a valued ally behind the scenes. We are excited to make our partnership official,” says Everett K. Sands, CEO of Lendistry. “Lendistry’s team has lived the mission and understands the challenges and strengths in our communities. It’s important for business owners to know who is in their corner. They need to know who will give them a fair chance at the capital they need to grow. We appreciate SHOPPE BLACK helping us reach their large and engaged audience.”

“At SHOPPE BLACK, we believe that Black entrepreneurs are a vital part of our economy. We’re committed to doing everything we can to support their success,” says Tony O. Lawson, CEO and Co-Founder of SHOPPE BLACK. “That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Lendistry. It is a part of our ongoing efforts to provide greater access to the capital that these entrepreneurs need. So they can grow their businesses, create jobs and build wealth within our communities.”

Entrepreneurs can learn more about this partnership and apply for a loan here. Lendistry and SHOPPE BLACK partner to evolve their offerings and capabilities. They want to benefit underserved small business owners as members of a growing, more equitable ecosystem. 

About Lendistry 

B.S.D. Capital, Inc. dba Lendistry ( is a minority-led fintech that provides innovative lending products and access to grant programs for small businesses nationwide. Headquartered in a Los Angeles Opportunity Zone, Lendistry uses technology and community partnerships to overcome systemic gaps that inhibit access to capital and to empower its customers with responsible financing options. Lendistry has a reputation for deploying funds efficiently and equitably. Lendistry’s leadership is often shares their expertise with both government and private organizations.

Lendistry has both Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and Community Development Entity (CDE) certifications and is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco. Lendistry SBLC, LLC is the nation’s only African American-led SBA designated Small Business Lending Company. In collaboration with The Center by Lendistry, a nonprofit business education organization, Lendistry dedicates itself to providing economic opportunities and progressive growth for underserved urban and rural small business borrowers and their communities.   


SHOPPE BLACK is a multimedia platform and digital community dedicated to addressing the wealth gap by supporting Black entrepreneurs and investors. As the leading destination for those seeking to discover Black-owned businesses, SHOPPE BLACK is committed to driving economic growth and promoting entrepreneurship within the Black community. 

SHOPPE BLACK empowers underrepresented entrepreneurs by amplifying their voices and connecting them with the resources needed to succeed. 

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