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Lean The F*ck Out, Episode 67: Outsourcing To Scale Up – An interview With Brianna Carney

Outsourcing to Scale Up Episode Highlights:

In this episode, we talk with Brianna Carney about her move from Amazon to starting her own company, Crewbloom. Through Crewbloom, Brianna has built a robust outsource business with a workforce in the Philippines. Throughout the episode, she talks about how she built her business and offers tips to business owners on how to scale up through outsourcing.

  • Outsource when the task is related to content development, virtual assistant work, scheduling social posts, or is easily replicable.
  • Training is one of the most important factors for successful outsourcing.
  • Ensure that anyone working virtually on your team feels that they having an understanding of your organization (culture, core values, goals for the future).
  • Tools you can use to make outsourcing easier: Timedoctor; RingCentral; Share access to CRM systems, and any tools for regular communication, including SLACK is critical.
  • Ways to collaborate more effectively with remote workers could include remote happy hours, team building exercises, and giving back to communities together.
  • Allowing for a probationary period when you first hire gives you great insight on the individual you will be working with and what you need to have in place to ensure the worker is successful.
  • You NEED to invest your time into your relationship with your virtual employees. Outsourcing is not a set it and forget it solution.

Brianna Carney

Brianna started her career at a small startup which helped her to better understand how small organizations scale. She moved to Amazon which is where she experienced the impact leveraging the global workforce can have on an organization. She began to question why so many domestic companies are limiting themselves.

After traveling around Asia, she was inspired to connect the robust workforce of the Philippines to US businesses looking to scale. With outsourcing being a very competitive market, she set out to differentiate CrewBloom by reinventing the industry. By outlining rigorous screening process to applicants and clients alike, CrewBloom now has access to the top 2% remote professionals in the Philippines and clients supporting human-centric workplace.

With leadership built on confidence and empathy, Brianna guarantees client happiness by taking care of her people. For her, preserving humanity in the workplace is more crucial than ever in a world that’s becoming more technology-focused by the minute, and that trust continues to be the recipe for a successful business.

In her spare time, Brianna loves scuba diving, running, reading, and cooking. She has also been taking the time to learn to speak Tagalog.

You can find Brianna online at:


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