Episode #2: How To Weed Out Shitty Mentors So You Can Find An Amazing One

In this episode, Dawn and Natasha talk about the good and bad mentors lurking in entrepreneurship. They dish on impactful people who have left meaningful marks on their lives as well the pitfalls of working with mentors who are a complete waste of your time. Plus, they share the dos and don’ts of finding a great mentor, how to weed out shitty mentors and the red flashing warning signs of people who talk a good game, but who can’t actually help you with squat.

Natasha apologizes for the sounds of summer at her house! Enjoy her windchimes and creaky screen door. A summer downpour passed through and she had to run indoors. (LOL!)

Here are some notable highlights:

  • (2:30) Dawn shares the earliest memory she has of a mentor in her life.
  • (12:03) How approaching the former commissioner of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination as a potential mentor gave Natasha access above and beyond what she had anticipated.
  • (16:30) Why you should keep a male and a female mentor — perspective!
  • (19:41) Don’t be thirsty! Stop trying to find any famous mentor you can.
  • (28:40) Do you need a mentor or do you need an advisor? Most people don’t know the difference.
  • (37:20) Warning signs of a shitty mentor.
  • (38:35) Avoiding men at startup events who immediately say, “you know what you should do …”
  • (43:00) Run the other way if a potential mentor does this! Yikes!

About this podcast

“On Behalf of All Women,” co-hosted by Lioness cofounders Dawn Leaks and Natasha Zena, takes listeners into the world of female entrepreneurs.

You’ll hear the candid, irritating and hilarious commentaries of two startup founders navigating their way through entrepreneurship. Told through a mix of intimate conversations and offbeat interviews with heart featuring some of today’s leading female entrepreneurs, “On Behalf of All Women” brings you behind the scenes of what it’s really like to be a female entrepreneur launching a startup.

“Episode 2” from On Behalf of All Women by Lioness Magazine. Released: 2018. including music from the New Music Mantra (Snowflake’s revox) by Snowflake (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 

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