L.A.-based Startup Company Gives Everyone A Place To Pitch TV And Movie Ideas Directly To Studios With Movie Pitcher Inc.

Movie Pitcher brought synergy to the pitching process, solving the decade old problem of how writers can pitch their TV and movie ideas directly to studios.

Movie Pitcher Inc., a technology startup company in Los Angeles, California was organized by film producers and entrepreneurs to help streamline the online pitching process and create a catalogued database of ready to produce film and television projects. The company held a conference on Aug. 7 announcing that their 30k project goal was reached within the first year of operation, having optioned four movies and seven television shows to major production companies.

“We are able to offer everyone equal opportunity pitching directly to all studios, networks and production companies at a price anyone can afford,” said Stavros Xenides, founder and CEO of Movie Pitcher Inc. The data was showing that the film industry is coming closer than ever to the end user for new projects providing writers and creative individuals a chance to see their dreams on the big screen.

Promoting your movie idea was hard to achieve since the 1970s where Hollywood’s huge bottleneck made optioning new projects an exclusive right for the privileged few established producers, directors and screenwriters. Bypassing the stagnant traditional route and utilizing crowdsourcing for new projects, and by enabling production companies to utilize a professional evaluation service rather than hiring interns to read through thousands of screenplays, Movie Pitcher brought synergy to the pitching process, solving the decade old problem.

Xenides closed the conference stating, “I’ve heard people say we are the IMDb of ready to produce ideas. I say we are the largest database of catalogued film and TV show projects worldwide. We offer an invaluable service to producers and creative executives as well as writers and the creative community. That is something we are proud of and will continue to build on.”

Right now, the product line of the company includes the all-new Start Pitching Package where people can register their ideas, get an expert review and get unlimited promotion for projects at a marginal price. In an effort to help new writers better understand the entertainment industry pitching process, Movie Pitcher offers a Tutorial Quiz that helps people learn about the film industry while getting a $20 coupon.

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