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Kelly Rowland Expands The Maxx You Project Community To Help Women Embrace Their Individuality

Despite research that indicates women are happier (96 percent), healthier (89 percent) and more successful (97 percent) when they’re themselves, 51 percent still say that they filter who they are every day to succeed in society. In response, T.J.Maxx has launched the next phase of The Maxx You Project — all with the continued mission of encouraging women to embrace their individuality, together.

With 75 percent of women saying that when they see others being true to who they are, they’re inspired to do the same, The Maxx You Project has brought on singer/songwriter, author and mentor Kelly Rowland to join its roster of mentors, with the goal of building a powerful and supportive ‘shecosystem’ of women who encourage one another to be their most authentic selves.  

Rowland led the latest in a series of women’s workshops across the country this summer, featuring keynote speakers, networking opportunities, tools and resources, and today kicks offThe Maxx You Project How To, interactive online classes designed by experts to help women overcome the obstacles to embracing their own individuality.

“Throughout my life, I’ve had an incredible support system of women helping me embrace who I am. That’s why I’m so excited to pay forward that same inspiration and mentorship to the women of The Maxx You Project,” Rowland said.

“At T.J.Maxx, we take pride that shoppers experience those ‘that’s so me!’ moments in our stores every day, and want to help them have more of those moments outside of our stores,” said Gina Bollus, Manager of Marketing, T.J.Maxx. “We are so proud of the community and support surrounding The Maxx You Project, and will continue our mission of bringing women together to embrace what makes us each so unique.”

To attend an online class and learn more about The Maxx You Project, go to Find your community with The Maxx You Project Group on Facebook.

Some of the classes offered include:

  • “Design a Uniquely-You Space” with Genevieve Gorder – leading tastemaker, television host and interior designer renowned for her soulful style and passion, Genevieve helps you embrace your unique identity and create a space for you to thrive and unlock your best you.
  • “Capture a More Authentic You” with Meredith Staggers – a popular Cake & Confetti blogger and photo stylist, Meredith share tips for overcoming fear of vulnerability and learning to embrace the real you on social media.
  • “Slay Your Day” with Mattie James – a full-time fashion and lifestyle influencer, Mattie helps you overcome internal doubts to be a more productive, yet more authentic, you every day.


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