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Integrating Women Leaders Foundation Unveils State of Allyship-in-Action Research Study Results

Integrating Women Leaders Foundation (IWL) presents the topline results of its 2022 State of Allyship-in-Action Benchmark Study. This is the first study to measure the perceived practice of allyship to women in corporate America today.

“Allyship is critical to moving the needle on gender equity. Our research validates that much more education, awareness and calling out of devaluing behavior is required. Women and men have different perspectives on how allyship is and isn’t showing up in their organizations,” said Kim Graham Lee, CEO of IWL.

Survey details

IWL distributed the survey to mid-market (300-2,000 employees) and large enterprise organizations (2,000+ employees). Most of the large enterprise organizations surveyed had over 10,000 employees. Survey topics included employees’ general attitudes towards their organizations, the perceived advancement of women and minority groups and workplace behavior. This included the frequency and prevalence of microaggressions and specific allyship actions taken and not taken within their organizations.

The study results revealed critical gender differences in how men and women perceive and experience allyship in the workplace. The results showcase the striking discrepancies between how men, white women and women of color experience microaggressions within their organizations.

All In Virtual Allyship Summit

IWL will share additional learnings at its first ALL IN Virtual Allyship Summit on September 14, 2022. Keynote speakers include Stedman Graham, businessman and ally, and David Smith and Brad Johnson, co-authors of Athena Rising and Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace.

For more information and to download the study results, visit www.iwlfoundation.org/allyship-in-action-research-study. For more information about the IWL ALL IN Allyship Summit, visit www.allyshipinitiative.org.

About Integrating Women Leaders Foundation

Founded in 2010, Integrating Women Leaders (IWL) Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that accelerates the advancement of ALL women to drive individual and organizational growth and impact. As partners in talent development, we help women, men and their organizations make meaningful steps toward creating a workplace of respect and equity. IWL does this through perspective-changing experiences including its annual Women’s Leadership Conference, workshops and individualized programs. For more information, visit www.iwlfoundation.org and follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.

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