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women in tech e1495211418291

Inspiring Women Making Their Mark On The Tech World

Here are a few inspiring women who are leaving their mark. Add these names to the list of badass women who are rocking the world of tech today.

All of us can probably name at least several men that have made their mark on the world of technology. Of course, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates come to mind; they’ve been the subject of movies and countless books, and Gates is often still in the news.

But think about the women that strike you as influencers in the world of technology. Sheryl Sandberg is one. The lack of women-focused tales in tech is a result of many things. It’s a cut-throat business, of course, that demands a lot and has sometimes been exclusionary for women.

That’s changing, with a new emphasis on helping younger girls integrate interests in science, technology, engineering, and math into career paths. Who should they model on and draw inspiration from? AppDynamics has teamed up with Ghergich & Co. to hightlight kickass women forging ahead in tech. Here are just a few inspiring women making their mark on the tech world:

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