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In Our Annual Fashion Issue We Explore The Dos And Don’ts Of Trending Styles

Katelyn highlights our annual fashion issue and women entrepreneurs who are kicking down the doors in the industry. Get ready for fall fashion.
We're talking fashion and startups with Dress For The Day's co-founders. On their blog you can catch fashion advice and on the street features like the women above. - photo courtesy of
We’re talking fashion and startups with Dress For The Day’s co-founders. On their blog you can catch fashion advice and on the street features like the women above.
– photo courtesy of

Fashion, just like our professional personas, is all about swagger. Oscar de la Renta said it best: “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” It’s not necessarily about what you’re wearing, although it does help, it’s about how you’re wearing it!

In this month’s annual Fashion Issue we explore the dos and don’ts of trending styles, even down to the minute details of well-manicured hands thanks to our cover story on Jamberry Nails by Tara McCollum. Keri Evans, Christy Hepworth and Lyndsey Ekstrom, sisters and co-founders of Jamberry, have created a social sensation born out of a pricey trip to the nail salon. Their solution to the time and money necessary for overpriced spa days: vinyl-based, do-it-yourself nail wraps featuring more than 300 designs sold by a network of 30,000-plus consultants in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

We’ve also delved into the world of DRESS FOR THE DAY, co-founded by Anisha Bhasin Mukherjee and Shradha Mehta, in the fashion mecca of New York City. Their business uses technological innovation in order to solve every woman’s daily problem: What do I wear? Users have access to thousands of looks, allowing them to find inspiration while also putting their own unique stamp on their dress. They said, “Rather than us dictate fashion to the user, we want her to discover new and exciting pieces and be a source of inspiration for others.”

I also encourage you to check out this month’s spread of fall fashion, which includes trends from casual to formal to work to outerwear, courtesy of Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow. She’s one of our favorite fashionistas and if you’re not following her blog, you should be!

Also included in this month’s issue is a final piece from our Making Cents columnist, Gerri Lazarre, CPA and principal with TriMerge CPA and TriMerge Tax in Miami, Florida. Gerri has been a valued asset to us here at Lioness and although we’re sad to see her go so that she may focus on her entrepreneurial endeavors, we’re thrilled that she was able to provide our readers with much-needed financial advice throughout her tenure. But not to worry: Gerri will be back to contribute periodically; once a Lioness, always a Lioness!

Lastly, I wanted to thank the numerous readers, both on and also in social media, who responded so enthusiastically to my article, “If One More Person Asks Me When I’m Getting Married And Having Kids, You Just Might Fund Yourself Bitch Slapped!” I wrote the article on a whim out of pure frustration caused by two things: myriad questions surrounding the functionality of my ovaries and misconceptions that because I don’t have children I must not be living a fulfilling life. I welcome those who haven’t read the article to do so, not because this is some sort of vanity project for me, but because there’s a real kinship here. I realized that there are many more working women struggling with these same questions and societal pressures and it’s comforting to know that we’re in this together. A meaningful life shouldn’t be measured by the number of children we have or the zeros on our paycheck, it’s about our own personal definitions of success, and don’t let anyone tell you different!



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Katelyn Gendron is a native of New York, who is currently living and working as a newspaper editor in Western Massachusetts. She took the helm as Editor in Chief at Lioness in 2013, structuring a strong editorial calendar and securing well-known entrepreneur interviews. A SUNY grad, Katelyn is a world traveler who has documented her journeys for various publications spanning five of the seven continents (she plans to visit the remaining two during her lifetime), her motto: “Life’s a ball. Let’s play!”

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