How to Help a Business? Behind the Scenes of Kat Frey’s Oxygen Coaching Group

Oxygen Coaching Group works with individuals and with businesses, showing them a better way of doing their work. And they bring to the table the Oxygen guarantee: they don’t guarantee success, but they do guarantee that you have your best shot at it.

How did Oxygen Coaching Group start?

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs herself, Kat Frey, the founder of Oxygen, always had the urge to take the entrepreneurial plunge. She was passionate about learning and wanted to educate others and help them better navigate their businesses.

“We aren’t what you get out of a book. We are all the experiences that we screwed up. And we try to shorten that learning curve,” she says. “My start came from what I call the Big Three: manufacturing, transportation and construction. We bring all those experiences into how we help other business owners get through changes in their own businesses.”

How did Oxygen Coaching Group grow so large?

Frey didn’t want to take a traditional approach to coaching. While today, it seems that there’s an endless number of coaches for everything, she felt no one really likes to be told what to do, especially in their business plans. So rather than having companies adapt to a specific training mold, she decided it would be easier to have a conversation and meet them where they were.

On top of their innovative method, Oxygen’s team is made up of experienced professionals with entrepreneurial backgrounds. “When we give advice, we’re giving it from our gut. I’m running a business where we’re going out, and we’re selling, and we’re finding companies that need help. But when we give advice, it’s because we’ve been there. We are not teaching from a book but from our hearts. We are teaching from our soul and tough experience, or things we have had to do ourselves.”

Not only does the company has a solid team, but they also operate in three languages in eight countries. Frey emphasized that even though business owners can be unique, and have unique businesses, they face the same or similar challenges. But rather than laying out too much information in front of a client, it’s always best to ask questions and adapt to their needs.

So, what are the biggest challenges businesses face now?

Oxygen was originally a body language training company. Prior to the pandemic, Oxygen focused on sales, negotiations, and presenting your best self to promote your business. But in a world post-pandemic, the biggest challenge has become employee shortages.
In addition to their regular sales or leadership training, Oxygen is offering an entirely new app that helps businesses achieve their optimal rate of pay. The app helps to determine the cost of hiring someone, how to retain them past a year and what you should be paying them, among other benefits.

The other big challenge businesses and entrepreneurs face in 2022 is the diverse generational gap. “Right now, we have five generations in the workplace. That’s more than ever has been present. That’s scary. I am a daughter, but I am also a mom. I am right in the middle,” said Frey. “So how do we hire all those people? How do we lead them? How do we pay them? And how do we get the most out of them so that we are successful owners and operators?”

Oxygen tries to tackle these main issues and look to the future when different training might be needed. With no way to determine the exact course things will take, it is always wise to remain nimble and adaptable.

What other tools does Oxygen offer?

Another tool the company offers businesses is a special online calculator. “It’s called BLISS. It has two sections, and one is free. The first section helps you determine the actual amount of money that you’re spending to hire someone. The second section gives you the opportunity to determine what the optimal rate of pay per roll is to be paying,” explains Frey.

Sometimes, the calculator will suggest investing more money in certain areas of your business, paying more certain members of your staff or making you realize how much you were spending on outside pieces.

BLISS is available even if you are not a direct client of Oxygen.

Where to start the discussion with clients to better assist them?

Frey suggests always starting with questions. “Do we know what we have? Is it serving you? Where are you at? Are you profitable? What are you thinking? Are you growing? Where are your people? Are your people doing a good job for you?

“If any of those answers surprise you, or you don’t readily know the answers to them, then that’s where we need to start.”

What advice does Frey have for other women entrepreneurs and business owners out there?

“I think my best advice for other women entrepreneurs would be: be first to whatever your mission is. To believe that you are a trailblazer.

“You are blazing a path for women behind you. And it is lonely, and it is scary.

“You can get on a path that somebody else took, but for the love of all things holy… be a trailblazer.”

If you would like to learn more, please visit Oxygen Coaching Group.

Interested in the BLISS app? Check it out!

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