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House Of Rose Professional Announces 101 Best Global Companies For Women In Leadership

House of Rose Professional recently announced the 2023 Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky 101 Best Global Companies for women in leadership Index (BTC 101 Global Index). The Index is based on a review by HORP of gender diversity on the Boards and Executive Management teams (over 10000 C-Suite executives) of the world’s 500 largest companies by revenue. HORP then attributes a composite gender diversity score to each company. On the basis of these two numbers, they define the final rankings on the BTC 101 Global Index. To be eligible for consideration, companies must have over 20 percent of women on their Board. Additionally, over 20 percent of women must be on their executive leadership team independently.

Highlights of the BTC 101 Global Index

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb leads with a composite gender diversity score of 50 percent. This score is followed closely by Mercadona, Walt Disney, Engie, BP, SNCF, Deutsche Telekom, Starbucks and Coca-Cola. Each of the top ten recorded composite gender diversity scores of over 46 percent. The full list on the BTC 101 Global Index and their gender diversity composite scores can be viewed at
  • US-headquartered companies dominated the 2023 BTC 101 Global Index, with 48 Companies in the BTC 101 Global Index. Britain (13), France (12), Germany (9), Canada (6), Switzerland (5), Netherlands (4), Australia (3), Spain (2), Sweden (2), Norway, Finland, Denmark each had one company featured in it.
  • Female-CEO-led companies of the world’s 500 largest companies led with 16 out of 24 female-CEO-led companies appearing on the 2023 BTC 101 Global Index.
  • Overall, the entry point gender diversity composite score moved up from 30 percent in 2022 to 31.42 percent for 2023 signaling the increased importance of gender diversity at the top of the world’s largest organizations as a predictor of sustainable success.
  • Findings from the Index as well as best practices on diversity, equity and inclusion from several leading Companies will be shared at HORP’s 2023 North America (virtual) Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky. The success and leadership summit for women (virtual summit, March 13, 2023) will be close to International Women’s Day and subsequent editions across the world (Europe, Middle East, India, Greater China, ANZ, Africa, Singapore world, etc). Registration for the 2023 Americas summit is already open at

HORPS’s BTC 101 Global Index and Mission 2029 for a Better World

The Index is the annual study for House of Rose Professional’s Mission 2029 for a Better World. This 10-year global initiative kicked off in mid-2020 to shape a better world. The main goal is quintupling the number of Female CEOs in the world’s 500 largest Companies. From 14 in 2020, to 70 in 2029. This way, HORP hopes to double the number of male CEOs actively investing in and advocating for gender diversity & inclusion.

Quotes about Mission 2029 for a Better World

“Gender-diverse companies are financially more successful. They have better employers, greater innovators, and better corporate citizens. By accelerating gender diversity at the world’s largest companies through MISSION 2029 for a BETTER WORLD, we can accelerate global business. It is encouraging to see the progress large, global companies are making in terms of having more gender-diverse leadership. But there is a long way to go yet. I encourage Companies to join “MISSION 2029 for a Better world”. HORP’s international experience across Talent, Training and Transformation will accelerate their gender diversity and inclusion progress and their business and organizational impact.” — Bob McDonald, 8th Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs and retired Chairman. President & CEO of The Procter & Gamble Company. Member of the “Mission 2029 for a Better World” Global Advisory Council.

“The BTC 101 Global Index provides an excellent reference. Organizations are truly investing in gender diversity at the top. Congratulations to all the Companies on the Index. They serve as a tangible benchmark for other companies. We also want to encourage companies not on this year’s Index to join the MISSION 2029 FOR A BETTER WORLD program and the 2023 world tour of Break the ceiling touch the sky.” — Anthony A. Rose, Chairman and CEO, House of Rose Professional. Best-selling author of “Break the ceiling touch the sky: success secrets of the world’s most inspirational women”

About House of Rose Professional

House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd. (HORP) provides international services in the areas of Talent (Dream Job International), Training (Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky) and Transformation (CEOSmith). HORP has since 2014 helped enable over 30000 women in leadership positions and several thousand other leaders across over 400 global organizations.

Global Companies that wish to accelerate gender diversity and inclusion should email Chief HR Officers and Diversity and Inclusion Officers of Companies appearing on the 2023 BTC 101 Global Index can also write in to the undersigned to access their visual certificates of recognition.

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