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Hispanic Business Owners Receive Awards for Outstanding Accomplishments in 2020

Creando Alianzas and The Association of Latin American Entrepreneurs in Arizona celebrated community-minded Hispanic business owners.

Two organizations for Hispanic business owners recently recognized a group of entrepreneurs for their contributions to the community. Unfortunately, the past year has put the brakes on many annual in-person awards shows produced by active networking organizations. However, those obstacles could not diminish the significance of the many accomplishments and goals entrepreneurs achieved.

Serving the community

Creando Alianzas, a dynamic network of Hispanic women in business, hosted its yearly gala on May 18th. “Every year, we recognize those women entrepreneurs who distinguish themselves within our national platform in a variety of categories,” says Sofia Mariscales, founder of Creando Alianzas. “This year, we were proud to present Martha Llamas with our highest award for outstanding leadership. Her ability to continue innovating while running a successful business and offering unwavering compassion and commitment to helping the Hispanic community was truly outstanding,” Mariscales continues. “With her contributions, and the growing enthusiasm for what our team is producing, we have expanded our facilities and now have offices in Arizona, Colorado and Puerto Rico. We are so excited for what the future holds for all Hispanic business owners, especially women.”

Martha Llamas is a multi-award-winning recipient and owner of a large commercial cleaning company in Arizona. “We put so much effort into driving new business and inspiring people to create their own success stories in 2020,” says Llamas. “Our company had to pivot and add new training and services to meet the demands of our clients who were affected by the pandemic. We also decided to assemble a great team led by award-winning Creative Director, Ron Gerson. We’ve launched a creative video production company to develop and publish content for advertising and education. We are now leveraged to inform people about who we are and what we are doing.”

More info on Llamas Productions

Celebrating 40 Hispanic business owners

The Association of Latin American Entrepreneurs in Arizona also held its annual event at the end of April. AEL Arizona specifically offers continuing education in leadership and business development for its members. At the event, the 40 most outstanding entrepreneurs and Hispanic leaders of the year received awards for Premios Nosotros.

“I was thrilled to participate in this event as well,” says Llamas. “They asked us to list our contributions in 2020, so we put together a short video showing our community involvement. In the end, we realized that we didn’t slow down at all; we sped up!”

Llamas continued, “The recognition and presentations are all great, but the true joy is in seeing members of our community gather together to overcome their struggles in what proved to be such an unprecedented and unpredictable year. Now more than ever, we are leveraged for success!”

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