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Hiring Tools, Platforms and Tricks Shared by Female Entrepreneurs

When it’s time to hire someone new, where do you look?

With so many hiring platforms out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. Finding the right fit is crucial, but sorting through candidates is time-consuming. We recently asked female entrepreneurs to share which hiring tools and processes have worked best for them. Based on their responses, we compiled tips to help you find the right person for the job as efficiently as possible.

Take advantage of large online platforms  

Not surprisingly, a few big names stood out among our responses: LinkedIn, Indeed and Upwork. They’re popular for a reason: they have tons of users, so you can find lots of candidates in one place. Here are some of the reasons female entrepreneurs love these platforms. 

LinkedIn Recruiter

“As a business leader, you want to be able to put all of your energy into interviews so you can build the strongest team,” says Brett Larkin, CEO and founder of Uplifted Yoga. “This is why LinkedIn Recruiter is one of the best free tools out there for small businesses,” Larkin says, citing LinkedIn’s in-platform messaging and search tools as her favorite features. 

Linda Chavez, founder and CEO of Seniors Life Insurance Finder, also loves LinkedIn’s search tools. With access to all 700 million LinkedIn members, you can narrow your search with over 40 filters. Find candidates based on skills, experience, and location. Chavez recommends using keyword-rich descriptions in job postings and using LinkedIn’s boolean search feature to find candidates with specific skills.

Amrita Saigal, founder of sustainable diaper brand Kudos, appreciates the personal nature of the platform. “Interested candidates can reach out to me directly. An applicant sent me a message and impressed me with their knowledge of my company and eagerness to learn about the industry,” she says.

Add-ons to LinkedIn’s existing software can make the process even easier. Annesha Basu, Chief Marketing Officer of Stand Up Paddle Boards Review says, “A tip I like is to use Elink-Pro to help with my LinkedIn searches.” 

Elink-Pro is a Google Chrome extension that works with LinkedIn Recruiter to visit hundreds of LinkedIn profiles for you. “It’s a good process to have running alongside your active search for new employees,” Basu says. “You’ll have potential employees approach you, giving you more candidates.” She also added that you should make sure your headline and profile state that you are hiring.


Indeed’s recruitment platform also offers access to a wide network. “The pool of applicants is huge. I have a lot of options within my budget,” says Daisy Jing, founder of beauty product line Banish

Jing also likes Indeed’s messaging tool and the ability to sort applicants using assessments. Leveraging skills tests can save you time by identifying which candidates have the right qualifications to fit your company’s needs. 

Nellie Akalp, CEO and co-founder of CorpNet.com, also loves this feature. She says, “It allows me to create assessments to make sure I receive only the best and most qualified candidates.” 

Indeed also offers in-platform video interview technology and automates calendar invites and reminders to candidates. Owner of Dream Team Fundraising Jessica Wright likes Indeed’s dashboard, where “all application reviews, interview scheduling, and suggested application views are completed in one location.”


If you’re looking to hire a freelancer, Upwork is a helpful resource. “The ability to post a job on UpWork and have freelancers bid on the project works better than simply looking for someone with the correct skillset,” says Hannah Alexander, Owner of Today Testing, which conducts business software research. “I have used UpWork to hire writers, web developers, designers, analysts and more.”

“I can review a potential contractor’s previous work and look at reviews from others who have hired them,” says Lisa Alemi, owner of the Move Mama Move blog. She also likes that communication, file transfers, and payments are all completed within Upwork. 

Artist Rita Jan Gehman likes that she can hire freelancers around the world using Upwork. She uses the platform to find foreign language translators to produce brochures for international clients. “I’m able to support developing countries and nations in which I have foreign friends,” she says. 

Leverage social media

Elice Max, co-owner and marketing director at EMUCoupon, uses social media to find passive job seekers. She says that she can identify potential candidates even if they’re not actively job searching on a platform like Indeed. As she puts it, “Going through the social media of prospective candidates allows us to personalize the hiring process. We can design a job offer that would appeal specifically to them.”

Barbara Bolotte, founder of Clean Creations food delivery subscription, emphasizes the importance of a strong social media presence in your hiring process. “Ensure that your company consistently posts on social media and has a well-built website with up-to-date content that represents your company and values,” she recommends. “Individuals looking for jobs may come across your social media platforms, website or blog posts and decide to inquire about a job,” she says. 

Advertise positions to graduating students

“We partner with local colleges and trade schools to hire and provide internships to graduating students,” says Marina Vaamonde, owner and founder of HouseCashin, a marketplace for off-market houses for sale. “We get to hire kids who have the most up-to-date knowledge in their respective professions,” she says. She also likes that her company keeps the local community together by hiring locally. 

Use platforms to increase diversity in your company 


Vervoe’s mission is to “make hiring about merit” using skills assessments. You can hire employees based on demonstrated ability rather than simply what’s on their resume. Instead of evaluating candidates based on their past, choose assessment templates or build your own to make hiring more equitable. 


Greenhouse is recruitment software that aims to make the hiring process more inclusive and transparent. “I want to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace,” says Samantha Moss, editor of the Romantific blog. She likes their applicant tracking, onboarding features and numerous third-party integrations. “What I love about this platform is it facilitates structured hiring that makes it easier for us to maintain a transparent and fair process,” she says. 

Hub Diversity Recruiting

Hub Diversity recruiting works to increase inclusion and equity through the hiring process. Madilyn Hill uses Hub Diversity at her company TruePersonFinder,  a technology company specializing in people search. She says, “The platform helps us expose our jobs to underrepresented groups that we would not have found through our traditional channels.”

Learn more about how to use AI in diversity hiring on Lioness here.

Don’t underestimate word-of-mouth

COVID brought significant changes to how and where people look for work. Diana Rodriguez-Zaba is the founder and president of ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, a residential and commercial cleaning company in Chicago, IL. She explains how “The way I used to hire and find candidates has changed significantly since the pandemic began.” As an essential business, she relies on word of mouth to see if businesses are closing. “I call the owner and ask if they’re moving their staff to a different location or if they’re letting them go. If they are letting them go, I’ll ask if it’s okay for me to drop off applications for my open positions,” she says. 

The pandemic brought changes to the job market in every form as businesses closed or moved online and new ones opened. Paying attention to what’s happening in your community in addition to using online platforms can be helpful to your hiring process. 

There’s a hiring tool out there for everyone. Hopefully, the experiences other female entrepreneurs shared will help you decide which platform best fits your business’ needs. 

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