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Glamnetic Becomes One Of The First Beauty Brands To Accept Cryptocurrency as a Method of Payment

The female-founded beauty brand will now accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, and hold on their balance sheet.

Revolutionary magnetic lash brand, Glamnetic announces their exciting partnership with BitPay. This partnership will allow the coveted beauty brand to accept Cryptocurrency. Glamnetic will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and several other leading crypto currencies. The company will also keep all the Cryptocurrency sales on their balance sheet rather than converting to USD. The decision to accept this method of payment puts Glamnetic is at the forefront of the beauty industry. It is one of the very first female-founded beauty brands accepting Cryptocurrency. Men have historically dominated the world of Cryptocurrency. Glamnetic founder Ann McFerran is using this capability to encourage women all around the world to get involved. McFerran is long time investor and Forbes 30 Under 30 Founder. She aims to help women feel they have the confidence to play a role in the Cryptocurrency market.

Expanding payment choices for consumers

“We are beyond excited to announce our new partnership with BitPay! While Glamnetic has quickly raised the bar in the beauty space with our easy-to-use, transformational products, we are equally proud to be empowering our predominantly female consumer base with the tools they need to get educated about cryptocurrency and become comfortable using digital currency as a method of payment. I want to encourage women, in particular, to get involved in the Cryptocurrency revolution and with our BitPay partnership, we can all learn, grow and embrace the future together,” says Glamnetic Founder & CEO Ann McFerran.

“As a long time entrepreneur and investor, I could not be more excited to see these two worlds collide. Glamnetic is all about ease of use and DIY beauty hacks that save our customers time and money.  We are thrilled to expand our payment options with BitPay and allow our consumers another choice of payment while shopping,” says Glamnetic Co-Founder and Kombo Ventures Founder and CEO Kevin Gould.

“More and more females are getting into crypto around the world so it’s great to see Glamnetic realize that and accept crypto payments.  Crypto is a $2 trillion industry that is all about creating an open and inclusive financial system.  Ann and the team at Glamnetic are true innovators and will get lots of new female customers around the world,” said Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay.

A method of payment for the 21st century

A few years ago Ann saw a gap in the beauty market for magnetic lashes that actually worked. As a result, she sought out to develop magnetic lashes in the styles that she would personally wear. One year later, in July of 2019, after teaching herself everything from product development to marketing, Glamnetic was born. Since then, Glamnetic has become one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the industry. It averages over seven figures per month and grew from $0 to $50 million in sales within its first year.

Ann is always looking for new ways to use Glamnetic’s platform to set trends in the beauty industry. She is an investor of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies herself. The partnership with BitPay is a step towards normalizing Cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This launch will encourage Glamnetic customers, who are predominantly women, to educate themselves on Cryptocurrency. The decision to accept this type of payment comes with the purpose of enhancing female empowerment. This can be done by lowering the intimidation factor and proving that a brand within the beauty space is able to be successful when merging with a world predominantly dominated by men.

About Glamnetic

Forbes 30 Under 30 and Miami-based artist and entrepreneur, Ann McFerran, founded Glamnetic in 2019. Glamnetic provides the highest quality products and experience to customers. The company aims to find ways to continually make your beauty routine easier! Glamnetic’s magnetic lash + liner duo and press-on nails are a game-changing experience. They will allow everyone to finally be able to put on the lashes and nails that they’ve always dreamed of.

Glamnetic has quickly become one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the industry since its launch in 2019 with no outside funding. Sheryl Sandberg spotlighted the brand on the 2020 Q3 Facebook earnings call recognizing the success and exponential growth of the brand. In addition, Glamnetic expanded to 1,000 Ulta stores nationwide in January 2021 and has become the #1 prestige lash brand in Ulta since its first week of launch.

Glamnetic’s mission is to build a community with a common passion for transformation and putting their baddest self out there, so that all may feel their best every day. Because when you feel your best, you live your best life.

For more information on Glamnetic, head to Glamnetic.com or follow on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubePinterest and TikTok.

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