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The Future Of Virtual Healthcare

Virtual holograms? Accessing your physician via a phone app? Healthcare is in a reboot, but is virtual healthcare probable?

Virtual holograms? Accessing your physician via a phone app? As other industries rapidly evolve thanks to technology, healthcare is also in a reboot. But is virtual healthcare probable?

Michael Leavy, managing director of Home Healthcare Adaptations,  a family-run company based in Ireland that specializes in adapting homes for the elderly and less abled, examines the possibilities for Lioness.

“I found it really interesting to research this topic and to explore new healthcare technologies such as hologram house calls, where a physician ‘visits’ you in your home via a hologram link, and a virtual doctor app for your smartphone or tablet,” Leavy said. “These innovations are projected to dramatically reduce the number of hours that doctors require for each of their patients and could potentially revolutionize the healthcare
industry significantly.”

Examining  the possibilities of virtual healthcare



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