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Simona Fusco e1489599903302

From Model To CEO: 5 Lessons In Business From Simona Fusco

Simona Fusco started modeling in her youth and now is an internationally renown expert matchmaker. Today she's teaching women her five lessons in business.
Simona Fusco
Simona Fusco

Ever since I can remember, everyone told me I should be a model and actress and I will never forget how happy I was landing a job as a lead model at the young age of eight for Lacoste, which was one of the major international advertising campaigns at that time. From that point everything happened so fast and I was catapulted into the entertainment business and began working as a full time model and actress. It was an endless roller coaster of job opportunities that I didn’t have time to think!

It wasn’t until the birth of my daughter, that I had an opportunity to slow down and think about my life. I remember clear as day that during that time of reflection, something inside me made me make the decision to slowly transgress from being an entertainer to working on something that I’ve always had a passion for, something that fulfilled me more than working as an actor and allowed me to help others.

Once I realized that, I never looked back. I looked at what my talents, passions, and interests were. I asked myself what could I see myself doing?  Plans were laid and I began what would become the start of my company.  Here I am today, a successful business woman and owner of a company for over 10 years. I’ve learned so many invaluable lessons in that time. Some of which, I hope help you on the path to breaking through the business world glass ceiling.

Lesson #1 – Follow your instinct.  Women can be extremely critical of themselves and therefore hesitant to trust their gut instinct when it comes to many situations including business. I realized that in the past I was making a lot of my career decisions based upon what I thought was rationale and was told by others that it was the right thing to do.  I learned over the years that following my internal instincts was less stressful, quicker and easier to make and nine out of ten times ended up being the “right” choice.

Lesson #2 – Don’t be Afraid to Fail.  I cannot emphasize how important this lesson is. A lot of times women get intimidated being that it is still a predominantly male business world. You might think that successful people are just lucky or have the right connections but you forget that you are looking at the result of years of struggling, failure and hard work. I see every “failure” as another stepping stone to reaching my ultimate success. It is the ultimate teacher.

Lesson #3 – Find yourself a mentor. Rome wasn’t created in one day and neither was any business. After all we aren’t just business women. Women nowadays juggle motherhood while being a provider all at once! Start doing your research and find yourself a female role model who can share her experiences. They may be more difficult to find than their male counterpart but trust me, women nowadays are making powerful moves they just are not as publicized. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, family and colleagues for advice.  Knowledge and wisdom are power and we can never have enough of either.

Lesson #4 – Don’t take No for an Answer. Women are by nature generous and compassionate and therefore prone to settle even if it is not in their best interest.  Never ever ever ever settle and don’t be a follower.  Challenge the status quo and be a leader and take smart and calculated risks in order to solve the problem before you.

Lesson #5 – Walk into every Meeting and Own it.  Every heard the motto: Dress for success? I know that every woman has that one outfit in their repertoire that they feel confident in. Think of Jackie O, Grace Kelly or Oprah. Strong, intelligent, classy women that made an impact in the world all the while being dressed to impress. Whether it’s that little black dress for that first date or that power suit for a business meeting. I certainly dress for the occasion and it gives me that extra boost of confidence. You are in charge and the more confident you are, the more people who are listening to what you have to say will feel your energy and that will give you even more confidence and success.

About Simona Fusco

Perfect 12 Introductions was founded by Simona Fusco. Simona Fusco is an internationally renown expert matchmaker and America’s most trusted and awarded adviser. As a sought after Media Expert she shares her perspective and advice on relationships and has been featured on CNN, CBS, TLC, KCAL9, FOX News, etc. Simona is frequently seen in magazines and newspapers including Robb Report, Angeleno, San Francisco, Aspen, Esquire, US Weekly, New York Post, Huffington Post, Beverly Hills Magazine, etc., and writes for national publications on relationship advice.

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