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New Series ‘Fix My Brand With Ali Craig’ Is A Nine Week Social Experiment In Taking Your Brand From Blah To Fierce

Branding strategist Ali Craig is helping entrepreneurs "Fix My Brand"on her new Success Network TV series.

Best selling author, producer, strategist and brander Ali Craig is sharing the steps and strategies, as well as the psychological and logistical pitfalls that get in the way of many entrepreneurs’s ultimate brand success.

On her new series, “Fix My Brand with Ali Craig,” which premiered on the Success Network (available on Apple TV and Roku) on Sept. 19, she is taking nine brands of all types from around the world and transforming them from fledgling to fierce competition.

“In this day and age of shows like Shark Tank and The Profit, being an entrepreneur seems glamorous. We are lead to believe that the struggle is short and that the great entrepreneurs somehow achieve greatness all by themselves,” Craig told Lioness. “This show reflects the truth about the pitfalls most entrepreneurs deal with: some logistical, some psychological. We show the audience that they are not alone and that their struggles aren’t 100 percent unique.”

Craig helps guide the entrepreneurs featured toward successful Neuro Human Branding, which means that beyond visually appealing, their brands are scientifically designed and psychologically driven to connect with and convert audiences into customers.

“Each episode focuses on an issue that most entrepreneurs relate to. We delve into what wasn’t working, why, and how we are fixing it. We share real numbers, real time frames, and the real life stresses that many entrepreneurs deal with,” Craig added.

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