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First-Ever National Conference for Women to be Held This Women’s History Month

For the first time, the nation’s largest network of women’s conferences will join together in one virtual place this Women’s History Month, the National Conference for Women. Each year, more than 55,000 women attend four separate conferences for women in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas. This year, the organizations hosting those events are joining forces to unite women nationwide for one groundbreaking virtual gathering.

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The virtual National Conference for Women will be held on March 14, 2024. The leaders of the California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas Conferences for Women made this groundbreaking decision out of recognition of the historic challenges facing women – and the opportunity for women to express power in numbers.

They are also doing so to further extend the conferences’ support, insights and expertise. For over 20 years, the women-run nonprofit Conferences for Women network has sought to make its offerings accessible to all women by keeping its cost as low as possible and remaining fiercely nonpartisan.

A Harvard Business Review study has also demonstrated the impact of these events. Among its findings was that a woman’s likelihood of receiving a promotion doubled within one year of attending a Conference for Women event and the likelihood of receiving a pay increase tripled.

Seventy-one percent of those surveyed also said they felt greater social connection, which research has shown is the greatest predictor of success and happiness. Featured speakers at the March 14th national gathering will include Margaret Atwood, America Ferrara, Radhika Jones, Kristen Kish, Ellen McGirt, Nora McInerny, Michelle Zauner and dozens more.

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