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Struggling with Work/Life Balance? Find Clarity With The Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast

Are you an upcoming entrepreneur looking for resources to help you in both business and energy management? “The Flourishing Entrepreneur,” a podcast hosted by Aleya Harris, walks you through her best tips on understanding your voice, improving your wellness, managing money and more! Create your own blooming garden by recognizing your story and being your true, authentic self.

What is the podcast about? Who is the podcast for?

If you’re looking for actionable ways to stand out from the crowd by standing in your power, you’ve come to the right place. Each week on The Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast with Aleya Harris, we help you and your fellow empire-building entrepreneurs become radically authentic and tap into your unique story to attract your ideal clients. Listen in and learn how to use energy alignment techniques and tried-and-true marketing strategies to transform from a leader to a legend.

Featured episode – Boost Your Glow & Cash Flow: Mindfulness Techniques to Beat Business Burnout


Running an empire is hard work. At some point, most entrepreneurs find themselves on the wrong side of “work/life balance.” With clients to please, employees to lead, P&L statements to review, content to create and a seemingly never-ending to-do list, it’s easy to start falling into mental and spiritual misalignment with one’s business.

But when your head isn’t in the game, your business faces the consequences.

In this interactive podcast episode based on her popular stage topic of the same name, Aleya walks you through the seven Abundance Keys that drive energy levels and willpower — and how to recognize when they’re out of balance.

Aleya shares her favorite strategies to overcome burnout and rediscover one’s inner glow. Learn how to effectively support profit growth and mental well-being while building an empire that is made to last.

Takeaways Include:

  • How to monitor for red flags that signify misalignment in your body, your mind, your spirit, and your business
  • Three must-know techniques to recalibrate your energy with your business goals
  • How money, communication, and energy intertwine — and what to do if you recognize one (or more) is out of whack
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Aleya Harris, CPCE, the perfect blend of art, science, and spark.

Using her proprietary Flourishing Empire Framework™, Harris uses energy healing, business strategy, and her energetic personality to help you rediscover your passion, tell your radically authentic story and stand out from the crowd.

Harris infuses elements of the Flourishing Empire Framework™ in everything that she does: being an award-winning international speaker to a sought-after BioEnergetic Business Consultant and the host of the award-winning podcast, The Flourishing Entrepreneur.

Harris is the founder and CEO of The Evolution Collective Inc, a BioEnergetic Business Consultancy that solves strategy, leadership, and culture problems from the inside out. She is also the host of the Radical Rebirth Retreat, a loving, immersive in-person experience that helps entrepreneurs and executives transcend challenging life shifts and redefine their personal brands.

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