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Female-founded Wedo Smashes Glass Ceiling With $3 Million Raised

Female founder Indiana Gregg has broken through the barriers hindering women from success in the traditionally male startup world.

Wedo is proud to announce the successful closing of its first $2.3 million of seed round. This brings total investment raised by the female-founded freelancer startup to $3 million. Wedo is an American and European communication and financial platform. It aims to help people take charge of and monetize their online business.

The startup world’s persistent glass ceiling

According to PitchBook, startups with all-male founders raised around 75 percent of all rounds in the last three years. This number highlights the barriers female founders still face in the startup world. The pandemic has only exacerbated these challenges. VC funding to female founding teams dropped from 3.4 percent to 2.4 percent over the past year.

“Small businesses and freelancers need platforms that break down barriers to entrepreneurship,” said Indiana Gregg, founder and CEO of Wedo. “By providing access to the tools today’s online workers need, including platforms that help them to efficiently deliver their services and get paid, we are driving productivity. Technology advances and digital media now mean that trading globally from the kitchen table, or wherever you’re based, is very much achievable. The future is freelance and entrepreneurship and anyone can make a living sharing their experience and knowledge, as long as they are ready to make their own mistakes and learn from them.”

Wedo is a solution to the high costs and complications involved in being a solopreneur or starting up a business. Wedo offers all the necessary tools entrepreneurs need on one convenient platform. These tools include a calendar, chat + video communication options, invoicing and a wallet feature to make and receive payments, either one-time or for subscriptions.

About Wedo

Wedo is an American and European communication platform SaaS with an integrated banking tool. It is serving the $4T global freelancer, coaching and startup market, aiming to supercharge their businesses. Former freelancer Indiana Gregg founded Wedo at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Wedo removes financial and technical barriers to entry by bringing together the tools for the gig economy, with live streaming video, in-stream payments, webinars and booking tools with banking services built into one seamless platform. Join beta at https://getwedo.today.

We all know about the glass ceiling. What about the glass cliff?

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