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Female Entertainment CEO Hid Her Role In The Adult Industry To Allow Her Company to Flourish

Hiding her title as CEO to succeed in a male-dominated industry, Bella French built a company that leads the adult industry. French launched ManyVids officially in 2014. The company is an adult clip site with 16,000 independent content creators and over 1.7 million active viewers/members. Originally, French stuck behind the scenes but is now thriving as the company’s CEO.

“When we originally launched ManyVids, I had already reached a certain level of success as a cam girl with a strong fan base. I knew that if I told the adult industry that Bella French was the CEO and co-founder of, people would talk about Bella’s new site and I didn’t want that” French said. “I wanted all the attention to be on our MV stars and not on me” she added.

Eventually, with the company’s tremendous success, French could no longer stay behind closed doors and had to stand proud as CEO.

“We had to build a platform that supported sexworkers and enabled them to launch their own small businesses. It was time to show that ManyVids was created by a sexworker for sexworkers” French stated when asked why she decided to finally come out as CEO of the company.

French knew since she was born that she was an entrepreneur and was not always sure whether it was a blessing or a curse, but she now finds nothing more fulfilling. Originally driven by financial success, she quickly learned that there was more to entrepreneurship than that.

In this male dominated industry, it is challenging for women to feel equal and approved. That is why French fights hard to eradicate exploitation.

“The Adult Industry is not going away. It’s important to realize that there are hundreds of thousands of adult performers all around the world. Many of them are ostracized, judged or abused simply because of what they do to earn a living” French explained. She continued, “My team and I are striving to offer a solution to all the exploitation surrounding the adult industry by making ManyVids a safe haven to empower sexworkers and offer them all of the tools they need to become successful, independent entrepreneurs.”

ManyVids strives to make a difference in the Adult Industry and give those contributing the respect they deserve. The company allows content creators the opportunity to work and succeed as independent entrepreneurs in this industry, for the first time in the Adult Industry.

“We truly care about our content creators, our business partners. This approach, as you can imagine, is very unique in the adult industry. ManyVids is a very inclusive community, we want to fight for equal rights not only for women but for all the members of the LGBTQ+ community. We believe in freedom of expression and the power of entrepreneurship” French expressed.

ManyVids allows their content creators the rights to their content, allowing them to even post to competitor sites because they want them to succeed. Their content creators also have no binding contracts and can leave the platform at any time. ManyVids focuses more on the success of their starts rather than solely on the success of the company.

Currently ManyVids just celebrated their fourth year of operations with their 100 team members.

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