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Executive Women In Bio Champions 77th Board Appointment, Giving Pledge

Executive Women In Bio (EWIB) celebrated Women's History Month with two milestone achievements. The program announced its 77th board appointment and the launch of a Boardroom Ready Class Challenge. The latter aims to give back and pay it forward.

Promoting women in the life sciences

EWIB is an initiative of Women In Bio (WIB), a national organization established in 2016. EWIB consists of professionals committed to promoting the careers, leadership and entrepreneurship of all women in the life sciences. A key EWIB offering is its award-winning professional development program, Boardroom Ready. The program identifies and amplifies C-suite women to accelerate their appointment to corporate boards. EWIB enables executives to find their first director role and ensure that they are successful in the boardroom. More than 100 talented women have completed the program. 

“Women hold more than 20 percent of corporate leadership roles; however, approximately 17 percent of board directors are women. We believe in the power of a diverse board. It represents the community we live in is both ethically and fiscally beneficial for corporations,” said Carolyn Brougham, Boardroom Ready Founder. “In just five years, Boardroom Ready Graduates have been able to positively change and have a significant impact on private and publicly-traded life sciences companies. It gives us great pride and inspiration that these milestone appointments happened during Women’s History Month,” Brougham said.

Creating an community

Additionally, two Boardroom Ready Program alumnae have instituted a giving pledge from their Boardroom Ready class. The alumnae, Elizabeth Jeffords and Barbara Troupin, are both biotech executives based in California.

“The Boardroom Ready program is a personal call to action, a job board, a broadened network and most importantly, a community of women all supporting each other’s success to an extreme degree. I could not be more pleased to formally announce this challenge. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed,” Jeffords said. 

Barbara Troupin shared a similar sentiment. “In addition to solidifying foundational knowledge and nuance that will serve me well in the boardroom, the Boardroom Ready program expanded my network of amazing and talented female leaders in the life sciences. These women are achieving truly impactful milestones and breakthroughs across the entire life science ecosystem, and we learn from each other, refer to each other, mentor and support each other. This community has been a fabulous addition to my personal and professional life,” Troupin said.

Celebrating women

In March, EWIB celebrated and recognized the pivotal role that women have held in American history. The organization also celebrated the ongoing impact of the Boardroom Ready Program and other amazing initiatives at EWIB. 

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About Executive Women In Bio

Executive Women in Bio (EWIB) is a committee of senior leaders in biopharma and the life sciences operating within the membership-based, national non-profit organization, Women in Bio (WIB). EWIB champions for greater diversity and supports female leadership through professional development programs, including Boardroom Ready. It strives to be a foundational resource for women in executive roles by fostering achievement and empowering women to be the best leaders and influencers they can be. This can be achieved through formal education, training and structured networking. EWIB offers a competitive, intensive board competency-building curriculum held annually at George Washington University to refine skills and to increase preparedness for the responsibilities related to serving on both public and private boards. For more information, visit:

About Women In Bio

Founded in 2002 to support all women employed in the field of life sciences from the classroom to the boardroom, Women In Bio (WIB) is a multifaceted organization with 13 chapters across North America and Montreal. It offers an array of professional educational programs, peer to peer learning, mentoring and networking opportunities. WIB is the only organization for women that integrates all career levels and life sciences fields. WIB is funded by sponsors and partners dedicated to supporting women of all ages in their lifelong journey in the life sciences and beyond. Please visit  

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