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Entrepreneur Of The Day: Sheila Elias On Art Being Her Muse

Today we're chatting with long-time artist Sheila Elias about art, her motto in business and her advice for other women conquering the world of art.

Name: Sheila Elias

City/State/Country: Miami, FL

Company Name: Sheila Elias Art

Title: Artist


Twitter: @sheilaeliasart

Facebook: @sheilaelias

Instagram: @sheilaeliasart

Lioness: How long have you been in business?

Elias: I’ve been an artist all my life but professionally started around 18 years old.

Lioness: Why have you chosen to dedicate yourself to this particular business/industry?

Elias: This is my passion. I love what I do and I love the intellectual aspect of art.

Lioness: What makes business/product unique?

Elias: I’m attempting a visual that has not been spoken before.

Lioness: You could have worked for anyone and would have been successful, why become an entrepreneur?

Elias: I just followed my muse: art.

Elias’s work, “Dream I had While Awake.”

Lioness: What was your last, “why did I go into business for myself” moment?

Elias: It’s a rather solitary profession and that’s how 98.9% of artist work.

Lioness: Every female professional should have _____.

Elias: A mentor.

Lioness: If you could steal some business mojo from another mogul, who would it be and why?

Elias: Attempt to have financial backing.

Lioness: What is your business motto?

Elias: Never give up; never say never.

Lioness: If you could give other entrepreneurs three tips, what would they be?

Elias: Attempt to work in other artists’ studios to see if you actually the process. Work Hard. Don’t follow other artists; have your own voice!

Lioness: Has there been a piece of technology or software that has been a lifesaver for you?

Elias: Originally, the copier machine but now I use the Ipad in assisting me in exploring new avenues.

Lioness: What is your goal for the next year?

Elias: Attempting to have my [Lowe] art museum exhibit travel.

Lioness: When someone is telling their friend about your business, what do you hope they say?

Elias: I hope they say that I am an original fine artist.

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