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Dr. Mae Jemison Releases Young Adult Autobiography

Dr. Mae Jemison, first woman of color in space, releases young adult autobiography "Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments From My Life" 2nd Edition in time for Black History Month and Women’s History Month.

Dr. Mae Jemison is already in the history books: NASA astronaut, first woman of color in space, physician in developing countries, engineer, educator, schools named in her honor and even the first real astronaut to appear on Star Trek.

Now Dr. Jemison’s book, Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments From My Life 2nd edition is set to energize a new generation. Available now for pre-order and in bookstores on February 23, Find Where the Wind Goes shares candid, humorous and heartfelt stories of life events from her childhood to becoming who she intended to be – space explorer, scientist, dancer and positive force. Dr. Jemison states, “I wrote this book to share with my 16-year-old self some of the adventures she would have in life, and just as important, clues to how she made it through.”

Second edition additions

In the 2nd edition of Find Where the Wind Goes, Dr. Mae Jemison adds details to stories that are highlighted with 16 graphic-novel style illustrations she collaborated with artist Michael Ocasio and Studio NYC to create. Expanding on her childhood and her time at NASA, she offers new musings on the present, from civil unrest to what she’s learned from cats. With camaraderie and respect for the intellect of the reader, Dr. Jemison writes of going from a fear of heights as a child to dancing in orbit on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Chronicling growing up on the Southside of Chicago—tagging along with her brother and sister, going to dance class and libraries, navigating science projects and gang territories, starting engineering at Stanford University at age sixteen, medical school, and working in Africa— Dr. Jemison takes the reader on an amazing journey as she tested the limits, hers and others, especially adults.

“There are so many parallels between when I was growing up and the world teenagers find themselves in today– human rights, social justice, an explosion of science and technology, space exploration, growing awareness and connections across the globe, evolving music and art, and individuals asserting their rights to participate,” said Dr. Jemison. “My story is about finding who you intend to be and trying to assert who you are as a teen as the world is changing around you. I hope my story provides some clues to making it through while keeping your smile, integrity and hopefulness.” 

Find Where the Wind Goes 2nd edition is the first project from Dr. Jemison’s new company, Signal Hill Road Publishing, the first independent Black-owned, woman-owned publisher focused on the connections between science, culture, technology and social issues.

About Dr. Mae Jemison

Dr. Mae Jemison—a physician, engineer, educator, social scientist, entrepreneur and former NASA astronaut—was the first woman of color in the world to go into space. Today, a leading voice for science literacy and social responsibility, Dr. Jemison is a member on global non-profit and Fortune 500 Boards. Dr. Jemison leads the 100 Year Starship global initiative to ensure that the capabilities for human interstellar travel exist within the next 100 years while every step of the way enhancing life here on Earth. She founded two technology companies and the non-profit Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence which designed and implemented the international science camp The Earth We Share, training hundreds of teachers and thousands of students nationally and worldwide. She was the Area Peace Corps Medical Officer for Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa, and an Environmental Studies Professor at Dartmouth College. A member of prestigious National Academy of Medicine and the National Women’s Hall of Fame, Dr. Jemison is the recipient of many awards and multiple honorary doctorates. She was the first real astronaut to appear on the Star Trek television series, in 1993 was one of People Magazine’s World’s Fifty Most Beautiful People and is a LEGO mini figure. Growing up in Chicago she entered Stanford University at age sixteen, earning degrees in Chemical Engineering and African and Afro-American studies. Dr. Jemison earned her medical degree from Cornell University. She resides in Houston and adores cats.

About Signal Hill Road Publishing

Signal Hill Road Publishing, LLC (SHRP) is a new company dedicated to publishing books and products highlighting the inescapable interconnection between science and culture, technology and societal aspirations, people and responsibility. Black-owned and woman-owned by Dr. Jemison and partners Jason Batt and Todd Walton, SHRP is dedicated to showcasing diverse voices to publish “Stories to elevate and ideas that dare.”  Inspired by Signal Hill, standing high above the port city of Freetown, Sierra Leone on the coast of West Africa where Dr. Jemison lived as the Area Peace Corps Medical Officer, Signal Hill Road itself twists and turns and provides a beautiful view of city, beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean that flows all the way to the Americas.

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