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Discover How This Entrepreneur Is Helping Women Live A Life Of Great Health And Wealth

Martha Cooper-Hudson is empowering Women of Greatness. She shares her passions about helping women increase their health and wealth.

Every one of us needs that push from time to time in order to increase our motivation, production and even that boost of confidence to believe in ourselves. This is especially true when starting a new career path or making a lifestyle change.

Discover How This Entrepreneur Is Helping Women Live A Life Of Great Health And Wealth - Lioness Magazine
Martha Cooper-Hudson

Martha Cooper-Hudson, 46, is a woman who gives women just that. She is a motivational speaker, life coach, wife, mother and founder of the Women of Greatness organization. This organization focuses on female personal development and career. She strives to empower women everywhere and help them to “live a life of great health and wealth.”

She has been making her mark just outside of Savannah, Georgia, where she hosted her first conference in four years, The Women of Greatness Stand Up, Suit Up and Walk in Your Purpose Conference. This conference was put together in three short weeks and had a turn out of about 275 women.

When she first moved to the area 16 years ago the female entrepreneurial scene was almost nonexistent. There weren’t many women running businesses or networking or trying to accomplish all that they may have dreamed. Cooper-Hudson wanted to change that and bring out all the women who had been previously hiding in their shells or had no idea how to get to the next step in their lives or accomplishing their dreams.

She started off by herself, working hard everyday to get where she knew she wanted to be in her own life. She kept building and building until she became a great motivational speaker and life coach before building up the community interest. She gathered a large amount of like-minded attendees and soon acquired staff with the 10 members she has today. Her organization now has more than 35,000 Women of Greatness members and has won several awards.

But Cooper-Hudson worked tremendously to get Women of Greatness where it is today. The biggest challenge she had in starting this organization was balancing her family life with running her business. “I didn’t want to cheat myself in any aspect of my life,” she said. Whether it was being a mother, a wife or a businesswoman, she set out to get it all. Now she is helping other women to do the same.

The events hosted by her organization are based around empowering, inspiring and networking, but also around fun. She hosts Classy and Sassy Women Night Out with a Purpose, which always invites independent women-owned businesses that cater to a woman’s every need to be a vendor at the events. Cooper-Hudson also hosts workshops, conferences and getaways, adorned with celebrity speakers and open to anyone who wishes to register.

Cooper-Hudson’s advice for female entrepreneurs looking to jump into the business waters is to find a mentor in the business industry that you want to get into, seek wise counsel, and educate yourself about the working world and the specific industry you are trying to succeed in.

“Financially invest in yourself, stay grounded and humble and always take time for yourself,” she advised.

For more information about Cooper-Hudson and Women of Greatness, visit her website at:

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