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What They Didn’t Teach You In College

You have your degree. Now what? Jump in. The learning comes in the doing. Allison Maslan takes a look at what they didn't teach you in college.
What They Didn’t Teach You in College - Lioness Magazine
Allison Maslan

You worked hard in school. You signed up for all the classes that you heard would help you to succeed in business and you did your best to absorb those lessons and strategies. You launched your business and followed all the formulas for success, so why isn’t your business thriving the way that you thought it would?

Business guru, 10x entrepreneur and Amazon bestselling author of “Blast Off: The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality,” Allison Maslan explained what is missing from the typical textbook business plan.

All the training in the world can only get you so far when it comes to realizing your dreams of success. If you truly want to see your business be the most it can be, you have to envision your ultimate version of success and take the action steps necessary to reach it. Here’s what Maslan had to say about what they didn’t teach you in college:

  1. Learn to Discern: When you have a great idea or plan of action, put your head down and keep moving forward. You don’t need to over share with people; quite the opposite, you should choose carefully who you share your big ideas with. Choose actions over words and your results will speak for themselves.
  2. Secure the Right Support: Don’t assume you have to go it alone. Having a strong mentor by your side as you reach for your goals can help you stay motivated to achieve them. You will also likely need people to fulfill the roles in your business that allow you to focus on what you do best. Don’t hesitate to secure a bookkeeper, accountant, attorney, etc.
  3. Focus on Abundance: Stay connected to your big picture vision for your career. Don’t let your purpose and your passion get lost in the day-to-day details. Set your goals higher than you would imagine possible and then take action.


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