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COVID-19 Resources For Entrepreneurs

Note: This list will be regularly updated as new resources are announced.

Many entrepreneurs are working to adapt to current restrictions due to efforts to halt the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Business owners across the nation are dealing with revenue losses, payroll pressures and the uncertainty of not knowing when the economy will return to its regular routine.

The world, it seems, is at a halt, and with that uncertainty comes anxiety, worry and fear. To do our part in helping you find the resources you need, Lioness has comprised this list of COVID-19 resources:


  1. Small Busines Administration: Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources
  2. Department of Revenue: Financial Assistance (Washington)
  3. IRS: Coronavirus Tax Relief
  4. Gartner: Adapting Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19
  5. Dept. of Labor: Unemployment insurance and COVID-19
  6. Facebook: Small business grants
  7. Seattle Foundation: Community-based organization grants
  8. Aspen Community Foundation: Nonprofit organizations or government entities
  9. Boston Foundation: COVID-19 Response Fund: Non-profits serving elders and other vulnerable populations
  10. Brooklyn Community Foundation: Grants to front-line service organizations
  11. California Community Foundation: Partners in health, housing, education and immigration
  12. California Endowment: Public health efforts and the immediate social and health services 
  13. Women’s Foundation of California: Relief grants to off-set costs incurred to maintain operations or adapt to health and financial impacts
  14. Netflix Fund: $100 million fund to help those workers hardest-hit in the television and film industry
  15. National WorkShare Program Resources: WorkShare programs and state programs
  16. Kabbage: Gift cards for small businesses
  17. American Express: Working capital resources


  1. 211: Essential services
  2. Food Assistance: Meal waivers and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  3. Military: Emergency Financial Assistance
  4. State Legislation: State-based initiatives – find your state
  5. The HealthWell Foundation: COVID-19 fund and grants
  6. Charitable Ventures: emergency grants due to quarantine, business closures and/or lay-offs, school or other community program closures and/or lay-offs.

Safety & Health

  1. OSHA: Preparing workplaces, worker exposure and more
  2. CDC: Disinfecting your home
  3. Healthline: Cleaning your devices/phones
  4. CDC: Traveling safely
  5. SAMHSA: Tips for social distancing

Mental Health

  1. NAMI: Anxiety and COVID-19
  2. CDC: Reducing stress and coping
  3. Suicide Prevention: Emotional Wellbeing
  4. The National Council: Behavioral Health impacts of the Coronavirus
  5. Mental Health America: Staying grounded
  6. Crisis Text Line: free text-based support