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There’s a lot of pressure to be a “people-pleaser”. Whatever happened to simply saying “no”? The Unleashed Unapologetically Podcast will give you the courage and confidence to do what’s best for yourself. Nadeje Montes, a confidence strategist, awareness builder and personal growth developer helps individuals and businesses get unstuck and regain their motivation. Listen to her stories and takeaways to help improve your own life.

What is the podcast about?

At Unleashed Unapologetically, we want your voice to be heard! Uncover your strength and confidence from within. Unleashed Unapologetically is where you grow confidence and build strength so that you can show up to empower many. Unleashed Unapologetically helps both men and women rediscover their confidence and come out of their shells.

Why should people listen to Unleashed Unapologetically?

Unleashed Unapologetically is an informative and inspiring platform that supports many women and men who are lacking confidence and are feeling stuck. I bring inspiration and motivation from guests who too had to step out of their comfort zones and build confidence to do something new.

Featured episode: Stand on firm ground with your mental health, self-care, and self-discovery

Australia is here to raise awareness on wellness. She’ll help you stand on firm ground with your mental health, self-care and self-discovery. Australia is a certified mental health first aid (four years), domestic violence mentor (two years), traveling pro makeup artist (four years) and lash tech (two years). Her motivation is to house safe spaces. That is why she invites you to honor yourself and say NO, be intentional and be in a good state. Grow through the things that you are going through. They are capable of helping you bounce back and become resilient.


Nadeje Montes is a confidence strategist, an awareness builder and a personal growth developer. She helps the modern C-suite executives and purpose-driven CEOs who struggle with managing the ups and downs of their companies relocate, reset and refocus. She helps individuals and organizations get out of their old ways by creating work-life balance. She’ll help you learn to define your personal mission and say no to bad opportunities. Montes obtained a Bachelor of Art in Political Science and a dual Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education and Special Education (birth through Second Grade). She is a certified personal development and executive leadership coach, education specialist and certified professional bridal consultant and is awarded the Family Development Leadership Credential.

Montes is a strategic planner who loves and values what she does as a coach, speaker, mentor and educator. She believes that being in the moment helps relocate the mindset to manifest with momentum. Her goal is to help individuals and organizations regain that long-lost confidence they once had.

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