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In “The Matrix”, Neo can physically plug into his brain to upload new information within seconds. Sadly, that’s just a movie, but Maureen Chiana’s podcast is the next best thing! She uses her work from The Mindsight Academy to pull insights from neuroscience and help you achieve new heights. Tune into the Lead To Excel podcast and get ready to rewire your brain!

What’s the podcast about?

Lead To Excel Podcast is hosted by Maureen Chiana. She uses insights from neuroscience to help leaders and business owners excel and achieve high performance. Maureen uses her “NeuroLeadership” skills to empower you to understand how to ‘rewire your brain’ for success. You’ll learn how to see into your blind spot, expand your vision and more effectively influence your outcomes to enable you to exceed expectations.

Why should people listen to the Lead To Excel Podcast? Who is the podcast for? 

The podcast supports leaders, managers, female leaders and entrepreneurs who want to lead at a high level by giving them knowledge, skills and tools. Our goal is to develop high emotional intelligence, high confidence, high resilience and build positive relationships. This podcast will enable you to achieve this with no stress or overwhelm.

Featured episode: I Will Rise – Episode #007

This podcast reflects on the poem, “But Still Like Air, I’ll Rise” by Maya Angelou. You’ll learn to harness the power within your brain and take the appropriate actions to excel in your life. You will learn how to RISE UP and move forward, even when things look so dark and bleak.

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Maureen Chiana is a “NeuroLeadership” and emotional intelligence consultant, awarded speaker and facilitator. She leverages brain-science insights of how the brain works to empower executives, leaders and educators, unlock potential, maximize performance, and accelerate and embed new behaviors to enable them to transform how they lead, work and live. Chiana’s expertise is in behavioral change, using the latest findings from neuroscience to help organizations become more human, and their people improve their quality of thinking to achieve sustainable success.

Chiana is passionate about helping people mitigate the biases that negatively affects them and their decisions so that they can flourish. She started her career as a biomedical scientist and research assistant. Later, Chiana became a lecturer and successfully ran her own businesses in the healthcare, education, IT and beauty industries. She has held senior leadership roles in the private and public sectors. Chiana loves traveling, reading and spa days. She is married and has two sons.

For more information about Chiana and The Mindsight Academy, visit her website here!

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