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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – The Loxentus Show

Being a good leader means more than having a range of skills. Above all else, being a good leader means caring about your team and ensuring they feel happy, comfortable, proud and excited to be involved. But how can you achieve that? A good first step is listening to another role model and taking notes—which is what The Loxentus Show by CEO Jocelyne Morin-Nurse is all about.

What is the podcast about?

The Loxentus Show is a podcast for the passionate leader on a mission to create and lead a better business. Being responsible for the overall success of a people-centric organization means attracting candidates that will thrive in your business environment, retaining these amazing individuals by supporting them and setting them up to flourish, while ensuring the structure is financially, strategically and operationally resilient. Listen in as Morin-Nurse shares stories, passes on lessons learned the hard way, and presents potential solutions to challenging obstacles.

This podcast is also available on YouTube and in article format.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

As business leaders, we have an opportunity to positively impact our clients, our team members, and our organizations as a whole. The Loxentus Show is a podcast for the passionate leader on a mission to create and lead a better business.

In each episode, CEO Jocelyne Morin-Nurse shares implementable tips on how to create and lead successful people-centric organizations.

Featured episode – Teaching the team to fail

As leaders, we will face failure at some point. It’s not a question of “if”. It’s truly a question of “when”. And when that time does arrive, what lessons will you be teaching your team by your behavior?

In this episode, Morin-Nurse shares tips on how leaders can help ensure they are teaching their team to deal with failures in a productive manner.

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Jocelyne Morin-Nurse has been called an “architect of success,” possessing an “impressive understanding of business.” In a career that took her from public service to entrepreneur to CEO of a software company while growing her own leadership training company, she found a passion for impactful leadership, employee empowerment, sustainable growth and business agility. She has led teams of 40+ members, managed operations through crises and transformation, redesigned recruiting processes and overhauled business financials leading to profitability and measured growth. Through her company, Loxentus Inc., she teaches leaders how to attract and retain top talent—leading to sustainable growth—through impactful leadership, targeted recruiting and employee empowerment. She is also the Chair of the Forbes Business Council’s Employee Empowerment group.

Becoming an excellent leader and building a business requires bettering ourselves and accepting help. For the best advice on how to keep growing personally and professionally, take a look at “Building Small Business Capacity: How Continuous Improvement Yields Exponential Growth” by Sheryl Hardin.

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