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In order to find out any question there’s three words you need to know: why, what, how. Kerry Evers, Ph.D, is host of The Behavior Change Architect Podcast. Every month, she gets down to the bottom of a specific topic in the area of behavior change.

Evers’ regular three part podcast series features the “Who’s Who” of a variety of different topics.

  • The first episode focuses on the “why”. Why is this an important series topic? Why should you be interested?
  • The second episode will be the “what”. What is the state of the science. What research is there, evidence within this topic and current studies happening within the field?
  • The third episode in the series will focus on the “how”. How do we put this into practice? An examination of communication strategies, deployment, implementation, audiences and design.

By the end of each series, you’ll have a well-rounded look at specific topics within the field of behavior change.

What’s the podcast about? 

Changing Behavior. Some believe the adoption of positive behaviors “just happens.” There’s actually a science behind encouraging and designing for change. The Behavior Change Architect Podcast is a conversation about innovative and evidence-based behavior change strategies to increase well-being. Listen to discussions with thought leaders, industry experts, and innovative scientists, on hot-button topics around specific behaviors. Discussions center around topics like vaping, resilience and financial well-being. There is also research and design issues including engagement, technology and communication strategies. This podcast goes beyond published works to discuss behind-the-scenes topics and cutting-edge findings. Tune in as your host, Dr. Kerry Evers, takes you on a journey to change the discussion, change perspectives and help you change behavior for your clients, populations, and perhaps even yourself!

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

There is a science of how behavior changes. Researchers and clinicians have been studying change for decades. They’ve been working to understand how humans go about changing, and what the impacts are. More importantly, what strategies can we as a field employ to encourage people, communities and society to adopt healthy, beneficial and positive behavioral practices. This is the science of behavior change.

Behavior Change

Why is the science of behavior change important? It’s a field of study that has woven itself into an endless list of business types, fields, products and services. One of the first that may come to mind is in terms of health. It is well known that an individual’s lifestyle behaviors may have an effect on their physical health. While an individual’s’ health has many influences, including biology and social determinants of health, changing lifestyle behaviors with the aim to prevent chronic illness may be a cost effective approach. The management of chronic conditions is also related to the science of behavior change regarding medications, working with a health care team, appointment keeping among others. Clinical practice often relies on behavior change techniques, as well as intervention programs for patients.

Employers often deploy programs for their employees aimed at behavior change regarding health and wellbeing. Mental health providers use behavior change strategies to assist their patients and populations. Large organizations use behavior change science to assist their populations in adapting to organizational changes such as new technologies, work flows and standard practices. Public health, technology developers and program designers all have incorporated aspects of behavior change science into a variety of interventions to increase financial behaviors, environmental sustainability and productivity. The field of behavior change communication focuses on how thru communications of some kind, individuals and communities can somehow be persuaded to behave in ways that will make their lives safer and healthier. Regardless of the field you work in, it is very likely that an understanding, and discussion around behavior change science will influence your work.

Featured episode

Dr. Sam Dolezal, is the Wellbeing Officer at Union Bank & Trust, acting as the company go-to for anything health & wellness related. Sam’s role focuses on personal training, fitness classes, and generally being a cheerleader for the employees. Sam asks the question ‘How do individuals learn?’ and provides information on how she helps others to strive for well-being. UBT offers benefits including the wellness reimbursement account, where associates get $250 every year for approved items. Listen to Kerry and Sam discuss everything from the needs of your team members, creating virtual events and establishing the effectiveness of a program.


Change is always in the air for your host, Kerry Evers, Ph.D.…. or at least always on her mind. She is deeply passionately to committed to leveraging the undeniable power and reliability of behavior change science. Her goal is to empower people to experience life-changing breakthroughs. As the Co-President and CEO of Pro-Change Behavior Systems, she leads a team focused on assisting organizations with behavior change challenges to help their populations improve and maintain high well-being. Kerry, who holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Rhode Island, is best known for her expertise on theory-driven approaches to health behavior change, implementing evidence-based behavior change strategies using sophisticated tailoring and integrating these solutions into population-based systems. She has published widely in the field and is a sought-after speaker and trainer.

Kerry has been recognized as a “40 Under Forty” in her state. She’s received the Health Enhancement Research Organization’s Mark Dundon Research Award. Her passion for improving well-being extends beyond work to her community. She contributes through her services on several non-profit boards, and by recently founding a charitable giving organization. Kerry brings her curiosity and passion to every interview to help her listeners provide cutting-edge behavior change strategies to their populations and clients. She is also the host of the Behavior Change Architect Podcast.

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