journeys to belonging
journeys to belonging
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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Journeys to Belonging

Start your journey to security in your work and relationships with this weekly podcast.

Everyone wants to find their “place.” They want to fit in and feel a sense of acceptance. Dr. Illene Winokur’s weekly podcast, Journeys to Belonging, focuses on this fundamental human need. Join her and her guests as they share advice and inspiring stories about their journeys to belonging.

What is Journeys to Belonging about?

Journeys to Belonging is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Ilene Winokur. Join Ilene and her guests as they share their experiences about finding a sense of belonging and offer advice about how to create this security in their personal and professional lives. She also explores her guests’ passion projects and discovers what motivates them.

Who is Journeys to Belonging for? Why should people listen to it?

For anyone looking to feel inspired, Journeys to Belonging is the podcast for you. It’s filled with reflections by guests about their personal and professional experiences with feeling a sense of belonging, a basic tenet under Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It also highlights the amazing work of educators and creatives who have so much great advice to offer listeners. Most listeners are educators, but all can benefit from the episodes.

Featured episode – Episode 59 with Guest Genein Letford

Genein Letford is an award-winning educator, best-selling author and global speaker on ‘Intercultural Creativity’. She is a leading voice on creating across cultural lines and developed the 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity framework for organizational success. As a TEDx speaker and top creativity trainer, she has inspired many educators and leaders to develop their creative abilities while establishing a climate of inclusion and belonging for their teams and classrooms. Pulling from her fifteen years of working with creative geniuses, her unique curriculum utilizes metaphorical strategies, heightened observation techniques and the creative arts to reawaken intuitive thinking. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of CAFFE Strategies, LLC which trains leaders and educators on these essential skills and believes intercultural creative thinking is a critical skill for this future of work.


Dr. Ilene Winokur has lived in Kuwait since 1984 and is a professional development specialist supporting teachers globally including refugee teachers. Prior to retiring in 2019, she was a teacher and administrator for 25 years. Her blog, podcast and upcoming book focus on the importance of feeling a sense of belonging. You can connect with Winokur on Twitter @IleneWinokur and find links to her podcast and blog on her website.

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