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Never feel unseen or unloved with this uplifting podcast.

Life has many challenges that can make us feel invisible and unloved. This weekly podcast from Christie Love-Williams, Be Seen Be Loved, is here to help you face those struggles and come out stronger on the other side.

What is the podcast about?

Be Seen Be Loved is a weekly confidence booster to help you overcome life’s challenges, personally develop and experience success. Join Christie as she shares talks with experts and thought leaders who share proven strategies to transform barriers into success. Here’s to a new you where you can now be seen and loved.

Who is the podcast for? Why should people listen to it?

This podcast is for people who’re currently going through challenging times and need inspiration or strategies to push past them. Its goal is to help them understand that if they stay consistent with their dreams, they will experience the success that lies on the other side.

Featured episode – Kicking Fear to the Curb with Dara Connolly

Dara Connolly practiced Tae Kwon Do for 15 and a half years and held a Blackbelt. She even taught martial arts and self-defense classes. Yet, when it came to the business world, she felt frustrated and unheard. She lost her job for taking time off to recover from pneumonia, even though she was a top salesperson. So Dara channeled her frustration into starting a movement out of her garage. She worked to help women in her neighborhood feel seen, heard and respected.

Dara’s garage movement turned into a program that she developed called Kurukula (named after the Tibetan goddess of empowerment). It teaches women to exude the ultimate body confidence with useful skills to thrive in our modern world. The author of three books, she is president of her Toastmasters Club after only a few years of involvement. She recently was part of a Ted Talk (South Lake Tahoe Tedx). “If you want to be a leader, you have to use your voice,” she says.


Christie Love-Williams is an expert in the communication and connection industry. She’s a public speaking and confidence coach, communication and connection expert and host of the Be Seen Be Loved podcast. Love-Williams is in the business of working with leaders to help them to establish stronger relationships (both internally and externally) that drive growth, sales and referrals. For employers, Love-Williams supports the development of a workforce that thrives on providing excellent service through enhanced communication. This led to increased professionalism and drives repeat buyers and referrals. Love-Williams is a leader in her own right with over 18 years of public speaking experience. She received the Award of Appreciation, approved by over 200 doctors at Baylor College of Medicine. She brings her keynotes and workshops to corporations of various sizes.

Love-Williams also uses her podcast, Be Seen Be Loved, as a weekly confidence booster. Love-Williams is an expert at conferences and corporations, known for her dynamic and motivating presence on stage that captivates and engages her audiences and leaves them with the tools needed to immediately go out and increase their success.

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