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embark the podcast
Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Embark

See how thought leaders and innovators approach and thrive through the process of change.

Aside from death and taxes, the one constant in our lives is the experience of change. The podcast “Embark” is all about what happens at the intersection of crisis and opportunity. The defining line between before and after. Where imagination meets innovation. Each week, Liz Solar, a voice actor, writer, presentation coach and podcast host, interviews guests and shares stories about transitions. Every episode explores how we encounter and respond to what’s next in our lives—and in our world.

What is the podcast about?

Embark centers on conversations about change, creativity and innovation with artists, writers, inventors and thought leaders. The one pervasive theme is how we can better speak to and understand each other and how what we create can transform the world. Once a month, we feature an episode titled Embark on Your Third Act. In this series, we look at the joys, accomplishments, challenges and new ways of thinking about how we approach our third act of life.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

The podcast is for adults, mostly 40-plus, and skews more toward women listeners than men. The conversation is open, honest, elevated— and often funny. Embark is an alternative to some of the negative and rancorous discourse across all media and in our daily lives. We want to share stories of using our creativity. It can lead not only to good but to better connections with each other.

Featured episodes:

Michael Bobbitt on Arts and Cultural Leadership, Budgets and Boards

This is a conversation I had with Michael Bobbitt, the Executive Director of the MA Cultural Council. We talk about the impact of the arts on our culture, community and economy, and his role as the first gay man of color to assume this role. Topics covered include creativity, inclusion, the effect of Covid on our arts scene and how to make access to the arts more democratic.

Bobbie Carlton on Innovation, Speaking Gigs and Multitasking

One of Bobbie Carlton’s missions is to transform the ‘manel,’ what she calls the ‘all-male, all pale and all stale conference panels. In a quest for more diversity and promoting women as thought leaders, she established Innovation Women. We talk about the job market, VC funding, how to get those sought-after speaking gigs and when to trade your value as an expert for a long-term opportunity.


Liz Solar is a Boston-based voice actor who can be heard on commercials, interactive apps, audiobooks and corporate narrations for regional and global brands. She has produced and participated in storytelling events and is the producer and host of the Embark podcast. She coaches reluctant speakers to communicate with more confidence, power and grace. Her signature talks include ‘No is Not a Four-Letter Word’ and ‘What Are You Going to Do About It?’ A founder and contributor to the writer’s blog Acts of Revision, Solar completed her first novel, and as a total glutton for punishment, is writing another book. She lives in greater Boston with her husband.

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