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Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs

Cool Casts for Entrepreneurs – Attract & Stand Out with Darlene Hawley

Hearing stories of success is always inspiring, and that’s what Attract & Stand Out with Darlene Hawley is all about.

Host Darlene Hawley believes in the power of making a positive impact in the world and encourages her listeners to stand out and shine in their own unique way. The podcast aims to offer a perfect guide to success by blending inspiring stories with practical advice and a dose of realism. Each episode features women entrepreneurs who share their personal experiences of success, as well as reflect on their mistakes.

What is the podcast about?

Welcome to the Attract & Stand Out Podcast, created for ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to build real relationships, influence others and make an impact on everyone they meet.

On the show, I share stories of entrepreneurs on a journey to create a business and a life of freedom. We dive deep into what it means to start a business we love, what success actually looks like and how we handle the highs and lows of running and marketing our businesses.

Why should people listen to it? Who is the podcast for?

This podcast is for you if you are considering starting a business or if you’ve currently running a business and want to get inspired to scale it to the next level. Come learn how to increase your visibility. Boost your confidence. Communicate clearly. Tell stories that connect. So you can speak up, stand out and make more impact.

Don’t take my word. I highly recommend Attract & Stand Out to entrepreneurs starting up or looking to up-level. It provides the perfect mix of practical and soulful advice.

Featured episode – Finding & Filling the Gap in the Market with Anne Huntington & host Darlene Hawley

On Episode 72 of the Attract & Stand Out Podcast, I interview Anne Huntington Sharma. We discuss the legacy of her family business, how Huntington Learning Center has helped families problem-solve their way through a pandemic and her positive outlook on navigating challenging times.

As coaches, experts, leaders and entrepreneurs, we’re all looking to find and fill the gap in the market space to truly stand out. Listen in and see how Anne and her team have cornered the market in their niche, and get ideas on what that might look like for you.


Darlene Hawley is a speaker, podcast host, business coach and communication expert who shows ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs and rising business leaders how to speak up, stand out and make more impact. Hawley shows entrepreneurs how to deepen their business foundation and go after visibility so they can share their message with the world, attract dream clients and have the impact, freedom and flexibility they desire. She supports organizational leaders and their teams to strengthen their inner and outer voices so that they can speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues that matter most and move people to take action whenever they speak.

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