jeannie spiro
jeannie spiro

Avoid These 7 Speaking Mistakes

Are you concerned that your public speaking engagements don't yield any results? You could be making these speaking mistakes.

Speaking lends powerful fuel to impact, influence and income for women entrepreneurs. Knowing what NOT to do can make the journey more successful.

“There are seven major speaking mistakes I see many women business owners make that lead to disappointing results,” said Jeannie Spiro, a speaker and business coach from Portsmouth, RI.

They are:

1. Not having a free offer that leads potential clients to a paid offer.

2. No compelling personal story that positions expertise and creates rapport with audiences.

3. No signature talk that provides value and positions a purchase.

4. Speaking only at live events (or only online).

5. No speaker’s kit.

6. Not making an offer to your audience.

7. Not having a way to process orders or schedule sales conversations in real time.

Spiro will show women entrepreneurs how to avoid these mistakes and speak their way to more clients and sales at Talk and Profit LIVE on Oct. 22 and 23 at Hotel Providence in Rhode Island. The event, limited to 60 people, is New England’s first two-day speaking workshop for women coaches, consultants and service-based business owners.

“This event is specifically designed for women who are serious about building a 6-figure or more business that gives them more freedom,” Spiro said. “These women will work on their business, network with like-minded business owners and get individual support from me.”

Jeannie Spiro is a speaker, business & sales coach who helps women coaches, consultants and service-based business owners develop 6-figure freedom-based businesses. Founder of WebinarClient Machine, she teaches the 5-step system that helped her get to six figures in 12 months. Spiro welcomes speaking engagements, interview requests and free downloads of her new report, 7 Proven Steps to Speak Your Way to More Clients.

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