Business Rules: 5 Things to Know About Drip Campaigns

With five minutes of your time, Nicole Krug of Social Light and Monika Jansen of Jansen Communications can give you five actionable tips to help you master your business. Their video series covers everything from branding to Bitcoin and is built on their experiences as small business owners. Business Rules partnered with Lioness to share their industry tips with our readers.

Today’s video discusses why every entrepreneur should be utilizing drip campaigns. These are automated, pre-written emails that send out on a specific schedule. They’re both efficient and versatile – you can use them for sales, marketing or onboarding. As Krug and Jansen explain, drip campaigns engage your customers and clients even when you’re away from the computer.

You can use drip campaigns to:

  • Stay efficient with emails that are always ready to send
  • Automate sales and develop a group of quality leads
  • Save time with pre-written emails
  • Keep your messaging consistent and on-brand
  • Stay in regular communication with contacts

If you want to hear more from Krug and Jansen, keep an eye on our page or watch the entire Business Rules’ archive on Youtube. You can find Nicole Krug on Twitter and LinkedIn and Monika Jansen on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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